Courage without Bravado

Being courageous is not being without fear, it is not being stopped by fear. For most of us, the biggest fear is fear of failure. This fear may stop us doing the things we really should do, or really want to do, in case it all goes wrong.

For some people the chance to play the ‘dashing hero’ leads them to take unnecessary risks, putting themselves and others in danger. For other people, to take the peaceful route out of a situation is seem as a failure. It takes more courage to walk away from a fight, than it does to let your fists fly. The misplaced bravado of the ‘Macho man’ is actually more belittling to him.

A Jedi does what must be done, without an audience, without thought of reward. A Jedi’s courage is that which enables him to act in the face of fear. A Jedi’s courage comes from the Force.