Stop playing games

We all have our little games. ‘If I do this, then he’ll do that’. We all know and use little tricks to get a particular reaction from other people.

For younger people, it may be playing one parent off against the other. For older ones it may be using sex or sexuality as a weapon. All these tricks are means of manipulation, for our own ends. It is a false power however, and can be more damaging to our reputation, friendships and life.

Try to think how you act in every situation. Did you act with integrity, or did you feel a reaction that you could predict, to get someone to make you right, a victim, whatever?
After an argument with a friend or colleague, do you feel that they should be the one to make the first move towards reconciliation?

We are often so good at seeing the games that other people play, that we don’t see the ones we’re playing ourselves.