Power Without Ego

Think of Episode II, and the momentous battle between Yoda and Dooku. Small, unassuming Yoda absorbs everything Dooku throws at him without flamboyance or theatrics. Following the sabre battle and rescue of Obi-Wan and Anakin, Yoda simply retrieves his walking stick and wanders off.

Power does not necessarily mean strength. Most oriental Martial Arts teach you to use your opponent’s strength against them, meaning that the smallest, weakest person can defeat the biggest, strongest one.

Some may argue that the Jedi Mind-trick is manipulation. This trick is merely suggesting something that the recipient finds acceptable. You are not forcing your will, just making a suggestion. A strong willed individual will not be swayed.

A Jedi’s power comes from his connection to the Force. A Jedi serves the Force, and has made a commitment to it. By having integrity, not by using coercion or manipulation, you will have power without ego.