There are lots of questions when you first start out here at the Force Council Conference Boards. It's daunting when you look at twenty-five separate boards with hundreds of posts in each. What is this all about?, you might wonder. I'm here to learn how to become a Jedi. How do I get this point across?

First, the Force Council is not an RPG site. We are learning the ways of the Force, basing it on the Star Wars Universe and making it applicable to life here on Earth. When you are thinking about becoming a Light Jedi (or have already made that decision), you need to consider the Jedi Code when you make posts on the site.

The Jedi Code is:
There is no emotion; there is peace.
There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.
There is no passion; there is serenity.
There is no death; there is the Force.

As Jedi, we want to learn and teach and our behavior on the boards should reflect this. Tolerance, empathy and patience are at the root of a Light Jedi's beliefs and these concepts need to show in your posts. People come to the Force Council with varied backgrounds, religious beliefs, etc. Light Jedi need to be open-minded to these other points-of-view. It is fine to disagree with another person but those replies need to be argued intelligently and with compassion. It is also advised to be tolerant of grammatical issues. We are all from different "corners" of the world; not all of us have English for a primary or secondary language. Be considerate of this fact as you interact with others. The content is what matters most; not if the writer has used a semi-colon or perfect spelling.

Another issue on the boards are the posts that say: STUDENT SEEKING A MASTER! PLEASE E-MAIL ME! or similar messages. Picture this as a physical, real academy. If you've read the Jedi Apprentice books, use that as your context. Automobile innovator Henry Ford's motto was "learning by doing". That is what you need to do at this site. Arriving as a student at the FA, you begin your training on your own. You read the lectures, make some initial posts and discover how the site works. At the academy, would it do you any good to run up and down the halls, past the Master's rooms, shouting, "Take me as a Padawan! I need help from a Master!" I doubt it. So how do you get noticed by the Jedi Masters? By posting intelligently and as often as possible. Ask questions-reply to others-write down your own observations and experiences relating to the Force and your studies. Posting is what gets you noticed in a positive way. And it does work. Keep in mind however, that one must understand how a Jedi works. The Jedi Council is cautious by nature-potential Padawans are studied before they are taken on. This takes time. For example, I posted regularly for three months before there was an opening for me to begin higher learning.

The "New Users Start Here" board will show you who is a recognized Master and Knight on this board. If a person is not on the list, it means that they may be a Jedi by their own standards, but they are not recognized as one on this site. Everyone else falls under categories as a student, apprentice or Padawan. To be trained and recognized as a Jedi Knight on the FA site, a master or knight from those lists needs to train you. The Jedi Council has worked out a training system, or study group. We have a current semester of students and padawans hard at work. If you're interested in being part of a future group, you need to contact Aisha Rust, Jedi Knight.

Study and learn and May the Force be with You!