Issue vs. Ego

Spiritual seekers never cease to amaze me with their contradictions. It seems to me that one's focus would always be toward the "issue" rather than satisfying one's "ego." Now, I'll grant you that it is a life-long process to learn to shed one's ego and to think in terms of the collective rather than one's individual desires. Nevertheless, if that is one of our shared goals while training, why do I so often see remarks that cry of wounded egos?

Does it matter who said something first, second, third or fourth? Does it matter who said it, who responded and who affirmed, "Yeah, I agree!"? Does it matter who gets credit and who remains in the background so long as the message itself is spoken? Let me put it this way: would we see Jesus and Buddha in a squabble over who was better than the other because of who had an insight that was well-received? LOL!

If both persons are learning by realizing and voicing their insights/enlightenment, why aren't they both simply joyful at eachother's learning?