Knowing when NOT to

Knowing when NOT to!
The hardest thing about using one’s Force skills, is knowing when NOT to!
A Jedi should develop other talents and abilities, so that they don’t rely on the Force.
Force skills are not parlor tricks, they shouldn’t be abused.
Jedi training consists of many exercises; mastering the Force is only a part of that training. The student also learns to run, jump, climb, fight, swim and think. These exercises could be made easier by using the Force, but this would be to the detriment of the Jedi's overall experience. A Jedi needs to learn his capabilities without the Force so that he can truly know himself and also understand what those without the Force are capable of accomplishing.
Using the Force because it's convenient, even when other methods might be more sensible, falls dangerously close to the dark side. It's only one step removed from using the Force to achieve personal wealth and power, and that's definitely a corruption of the Force.