A Minute with IJRS #4

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White List Us

A reminder from last newsletter. Something happened recently which caused some IJRS emails to go to spam folders, or worse, not be delivered at all. I resolved the underlying issue with our host, but we still have emails going to spam for some people. Make sure to white list anything coming from instituteforjedirealiststudies.org and mark emails as 'not spam' in your spam folder. 

New or Noteworthy Threads

Interested in peer-reviewed research articles into the Force and Force skills? 


Going along with this topic, here's an article about Force skills in other traditions. 


Do you tend to see the negative in a situation and not the positive? Try this tool.


Finally, a new area was created for those who want to keep their fitness training separate from their normal training journal. Feel free to add your own.


That's it for now. Be sure to stop in, join in on these threads or simply update your training journal. And if you have a course in progress, it's not a bad idea to do the next assignment. 

- Jax

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