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February 2015

If you keep track, this newsletter is more than a little late, but it's for a very good reason. On February 2nd I went into labor. Since then life has been more than a little unpredictable and busy! Therefore this newsletter will be shorter than usual as we'll return to our normal schedule in March. 

For those who haven't visited the forum in a while, I'd like to bring your attention to a few things. First, we've been having an interesting discussion of the history of the Jedi community and where it is going from here. Many good points have been raised that are beneficial to our community.  Take a look when you have the chance.

We have a new option to enhance the training program for students called a mastermind group. A mastermind group is a "place" where you are surrounded by like minded people. It's a place where those people will keep you accountable. They will push you. They will encourage you. They will also be some of the first, if not loudest, to congratulate you when you reach your goals. If you'd like to join in, you can find the group on facebook:

Finally, the Gathered Force Community, a central hub for Jedi online and off, has a map which makes it easy to find other Jedi in your area (or in an area you travel to). All you have to do is sign up, and in your account be sure to include your location. I would really like to see everyone join up. This site has great potential to strengthen our whole Jedi community and build connections offline. The map can be found here:

         - Jax 


Welcoming our newest padawan

I don't like to point the attention to myself often, but this month brought the biggest change in my life as my wife and I welcomed our daughter into the world. There was nothing that could truly prepare us for this experience, and the almost two weeks since I went into labor has been full of new experiences, both pleasant and unpleasant. We welcomed Melody Tamsyn into the world after around 28 hours of labor on February 5 at 10:47pm. Nothing went according to plan, which tends to be the case with babies, but she arrived perfectly perfect. We're completely in love and enjoying this new parenting thing. 

The challenge currently is finding time to do anything besides feed her and hold her while she sleeps. Yoshio is handling some of my administrative duties until I'm back consistently. My parents are visiting this week so I have a touch more free time to catch up with my courses and the forum in general. 

For those attending the Jedi Gathering in June you will get to meet our little one. For today, some pictures. First, a before picture, roughly a week before birth. Then, immediately following birth, and finally at 10 days old. There are a lot of pictures on facebook on my public page, for those curious.

 melody at birth melody selfie 39 weeks


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