Under the pyramid i see a room with 12 beings

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Peter created the topic: Under the pyramid i see a room with 12 beings

Under the pyramid i see a room with 12 beings (lights) who say we surround you and form a circle around me, i form as 2 x 4 point stars that merge as an 8 point star on the floor,and i make waves of vibration as i bounce up n down, good vibes, i tell the beings what i will give to humanity (and they Love me) they say i am #13 and They are The Brotherhood of Light (among other things) (i have been doing this for years)

(Talking of vibrations often i vibrate physically at any time, especially my legs, its often other beings vibrating my body,some good and sometimes bad beings to find out what i am doing ) i just shine like a light and think i only want The brotherhood of light who renounce all evil with me/Think of good thoughts.

Stranger things happen to you i am sure, any ideas what i should do?
i think i know what to do BUT i can tell Kol knows about pyramids/stuff and other Jedi opinions is a great idea i reckon (thats why i ask)

(I am reading the IJRS site more soon,i like to get opinions though)

My neck makes a pop sound at least a few times a day (mostly when i meditate), sometimes quite loud eh eh, does anyone get anything like that? it started just before i did the numbers meditation 3 to 9


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