The Destructions Of Atlantis,This Will Strike A Chord For Some

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Peter created the topic: The Destructions Of Atlantis,This Will Strike A Chord For Some

The Destructions Of Atlantis
2 Advanced civilizations existed at the time, Atlantis and Mu
They where brothers and sisters living peacefully for eons until Atlantis struck Mu wiping them out, a small group of Muriens who lived in space (in the asteroid belt) organized a large chunk of rock to hit Atlantis, the rock broke up when it entered earths atmosphere and blasted Atlantis like a shotgun, the earth rolled over causing huge tidal waves, a full rundown is here if you believe Billy Meier and Plejaren (Play-aren) mates
Very in depth description/information

you can see where a large chunk hit Atlantis

Death of Siberian Mammoths

Mammoths were herbivores, the type of food found in their stomachs (up to 27 kg of half digested plants) confirms such.
The plants they ate belong to a temperate climate.
But their carcasses were found all over Siberia - a large area of continued frost. How can this be?

“A rumbling sound grew louder. Then a blast of thunder when the core of the asteroid exploded. … This was the last sound that the great herds of mammoths (many 100,000s) heard. (Because) the sound waves brought with them the asphyxiating gases that covered the land in a suffocating blanket. The animals died so quickly that no signs of choking spasms can be detected..”

Mountain high tidal waves and diluvial rains followed and swept the carcasses of all living beings away in a SE direction.
“The flood waters dropped the floating matter they carried according to size and weight.”
The smaller objects were carried away further south where the climate was not as frosty – they decayed.
But (most of) the large mammoths were carried only a short distance – they got stuck close to their “original habitat” and (because of the sudden pole shift = change to frosty climate) were quickly frozen in the mud.

The asteroid belt was a planet named Malona before we destroyed that too


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