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Tai-Da Vrikaurvan created the topic: Tai's PLP

Personal Learning Plan

Name: Tai-Da Vrikaurvan
Advisor: Jax (i think)
Date: 15.06.2014

Activity 1

Activity: Getting Fit
Deadline: 15.09.2014
Number of Hours: 10 hours (per week)

After to long of sitting on the backside, smoking cigarettes my fitness has gotten worse over the years. It has gotten to a point now where I get exausted to easily, just walking to the shops and back makes me out of breath. The plan is to do 2 hours of fitness a day 5 days of the week. Focus on starting light and building on endurance. Aside from this I aim to cut down smoking to only a few cigarettes a day to eventually none at all.

Activity 2

Activity: Study of Paths
Deadline: 15.08.2014
Number of Hours: 5 hours (per week)

The idea is to make some time to study alternative path's, religions and philosophy. Take a path and take 2 months to learn what I can, so at the end I can write up a small article on what I have learned and anything I have adapted into my own path. The first path I would like to study is Wicca and Witchcraft. I have studied other religions before but this path I am completely new to.

Activity 3

Activity: Reading
Deadline: N/A
Number of hours: 1 Book every two weeks (aprox)

I have never been much of a reader, I prefer to write. It would be nice to find some nice books to read and learn some new and interesting things. I have a book that was kindly given to me by Jax which I am currently reading. I Everytime I finish a book I will sumbit a report on the book and search for a new book to read. I think this will beneift me greatly as sometimes I need to stop speaking and just open my ears, or in this case my eyes.

If I have missed anything out please let me know. Ill update how many hours I have done as I go along. I think it would be good If I keep a log of my hours in my journal.

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