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Panchami created the topic: Healing Integrative Practice

Hi everyone,

I was looking over the last bit of the introduction course, and I have a few questions about the Healing category in Integrative Practice. Do I understand correctly that receiving treatments also counts? Furthermore, I have a bit of a dilemma which I actually already know the answer to, but I guess I'll just put it out there for confirmation. I did a small First Aid course years ago, but I've forgotten most of it. I think it would be a very good and Jedi-like thing to learn. Thing is, I just really can't stand the idea of broken bones and things like that (blood, I'm okay with). Should I just get over it and get some training to be able give First Aid effectively? And if so, does anyone have some advice on how to get over it?

Hope to put my PLP up soon!

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Rebekah replied the topic: Healing Integrative Practice

Hey, I have the same problem and almost got sick when I took the first aid class. I'd say focus on the information given and not so much the picture that they show. From helping people on a cross-country team that got cut, scraped, bruised, heat stroke...I know that when you deal with someone that is in a panic, I at least, tend to forget that I don't like the site of blood or what not. Not sure what to tell you for the class but when actually helping someone talking to them and focusing on what they tell you helps keep your mind "distracted" from the fact that you're seeing or working on something that gives you the hibijibies. Maybe find something constructive to focus on while they show the pictures or video.

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Johannes (Yoshio) replied the topic: Healing Integrative Practice

Yes, You are perfectly correct, receiving healings also does count. The background of this is the feeling and that is not much different from which side you approach it, as far as I know. In my opinion the Healing integrative is “just” a part of getting to know and understand your body. A healer has to do that as well as a patient.

As for your problem with the First Aid course. Maybe it is a good idea to talk with the instructor beforehand about your fears and problems with seeing or dealing with broken bones. I’m pretty sure that they will have an option to make the material “consumable”.
On your side, the only way around I do see is, as Rebekah already had put it, switching off your head or imagination and do your best to become as much detached as possible. As we would say it in German: “Get rid of your mental cinema!”

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