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Streen created the topic: Less is More

Here's a couple thoughts that came to me yesterday.  I'm curious what everyone thinks about it.

The apprentice learns more and more, while the master knows less and less.

Being an apprentice is about accumulation, while being a master is about letting go.

"When you’re deluded, every statement is an ulcer; when you’re enlightened, every word is wisdom."
— Zhiqu

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Jax replied the topic: Re: Less is More

When you start, you know so little and everything feels new.  During those first years you're absorbing things like a sponge.  During this process you feel like you are learning things which turns into knowing things.  Then, you start to see things differently.  You realize that there is nothing that we fully know.  The farther you progress in your training, the more you realize that you don't know.  In the end I think you end up with the understanding that you don't truly know anything.  M

ore than understanding it's truly believing and living in that manner.  I can know intellectually that I don't know anything, but that isn't how I act.  I still act as if there are things I know.  This is how I can measure my own progress.  A master let's go of their beliefs and knowledge and instead exists in a place of being.  A master does no argue because they have no stance to hold.  A master does not fight because there's nothing to fight over. 

We all have to go through the process of the apprentice however, accumulating everything we can.  This process allows us to let go in the future.  I understand it this way.  If you only had one possession in the world, you would fight to hold onto that one possession.  Yet if you had anything you could ever want, you would not hold tightly to that one, knowing that there were infinite other possessions you can have.  In the same way, if you only have one belief, you will hold tightly to it because it's all you  have.  Yet as you learn more and more you see just how many options there are, from the absolutely different to the subtle variations on your belief.  As you see that others have different beliefs but they're also good people and happy in their life, you can open to the possibility that yours isn't the only way.  At that point you can then begin to let go of it, opening you to true freedom and understanding.

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