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Baru created the topic: Living with an open heart

It took me a while but I feel that I am starting to live more from a heart space or a whole place verse just from my mind.

I enjoy being here at IJRS because I feel this is the community that can appreciate heart felt feelings and is open to the spiritual ways of the jedi path.

My goal is to be whole and part of that is living with an open receptive heart. I am exploring my heart, and taking the risks that come with that with ease.

I find that the heart-space is scary because I feel the pain that is in the world. When I reach out horizontally - into the mundane world - I feel my pain and I connect with others. There is a lot of it in our world right now. I feel people's fear and distrust of "feelings". I feel myself wanting to stay safely locking in my head-room.

But when I open my heart to animals, they respond. I can connect with them deeper. They trust me. I trust them. I can walk into a field of cows and have them trust me. I feel connected to them.
When I open up vertically, grounding myself with the force and Earth, I trust that all is well. In this held place, I can open my heart up and feel the love that is all around me. I feel more. I sense more. I connect with my world, more. Instead of hiding behind my pain, fear or mind, I get to be truly vulnerable. I get to be alive.

Yes, I am still feeling people's pain, but I can use it to connect with them deeper. I can connect through compassion. I can express empathy without dwelling on the issues. People can feel that I actually give a shit and that can allow people to relax. The anxiety that our world creates can dissipate for a moment and easy fills the world.

Trying to explain the heart open space with words is difficult. Images, sounds and sensations do a much better job for those are the alphabeta of spirit and the heart. The heart likes to paint. The mind likes to write. That is why movies, comics, and painting are so powerful. That is why the Tarot is so fascinating.

The group, HeartMath institute, does a great job putting science behind this phenomena. Its amazing.

How does this read?

We are the Force.
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Baru replied the topic: Living with an open heart

I was asked how do I create this space or "be" in this space.
Here is my written answer on how to create a heart space in a conversation.

When writing posts, I want to remember to use feeling and spiritual language instead of just mental constructs :explode

I shift my language to more "feeling" terms. Instead of did you "see" that, I use "I felt that" or "this is how I feel when..." :welcome
Invite others to talk about their feelings and attempt to empathize with them. I take them in. I reach out and connect with the person as we talk.

I visualize my heart/body's Toroidal Magnetic Field connecting with theres.

The issue with describing heart felt connections is that they have an affectionate and possibly sensual connotation and I find in the States - that can be a mental block for people. It is about reaching out and connecting with people in an empathetic way.

It is a being not a doing state.
When possible, I pause and listen. I tap into and perceive my sensations. What am I feeling right now? what is moving or shifting in my right now? How does this feel for me? Can I do something about it or not?

I visualize going into my heart for answers vs my mind.

I would never say connecting with animals is "easy". i would say its easier than connecting with humans. Animals are awesome. They can bite and stomp on you. I know people have fear around them. When i first interacted with a Texas longhorn - I felt fear. So i have to move through that feeling. I do my best to connect with the being or the spirit verse the animal. When I feel connected to the being, I feel that we are one and can understand each other.

I would do my best to be connective and soft in how I hold by body. My body language would be gentle and supple.

I am learning how to pause more and take it in.. to savour the experience.

When I am in my heart space, conversations are calmer and slower.

We are the Force.
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