Changing the world, example 2

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Jax created the topic: Changing the world, example 2

There are many times in our lives when we have no idea what impact we will have on the world. We don't know the change our friendship or advice creates in the world until decades down the road. Today I was blessed to see what my choices as a freshman in college almost 20 years ago created in the world.

As a freshman I became friends with the young man my roommate was dating. But that man wasn't really a man except in physical body. We had so many conversations, some of them frustrating if I'm being honest, where he needed help in knowing who he was and who he would choose to be. I remember even then thinking, you're a woman, not a man. Just embrace it. But that is a scary journey, scarier then than it is now. And it's still incredibly intimidating. But over the years, my young friend has matured into a strong, powerful woman. She's become a role model, first in a non-hospitable state (Arkansas) and now in a more welcoming area (Portland, OR). And now, she's taken a massive stage and was honored by introducing Senator and Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders. Our relationship comes full circle as it is now she who inspires me to be myself, fully, authentically, and without apology. Please watch this short video and remember that your very being may be what changes the whole world, given enough time. If you're ready to embrace more of yourself and change the world, join in the book club. ;-)

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