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Jax created the topic: Article submission - advice for newer Jedi

Please submit your articles about advice for newer Jedi in this thread. I will publish them on this site and also to increase traffic to us. I will also likely pull quotes for the websites. You will be noted as the author in all cases.

Thank you.

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Johannes (Yoshio) replied the topic: Article submission - advice for newer Jedi

3. What advice you give to people considering the Jedi path

There are mainly two advices I would like to give someone who considers to walk the Jedi Path.
The first is to approach it with an open mind and an open heart as only by doing so one is able to learn things and let changes happen. Or in other words, let go off all the things which make one small, create boundaries and limitations and hold one back to progress.
The second advice is that one has to keep in mind that the Path of a Jedi Realist is not the Path for everyone and that is perfectly fine. The Path asks for dedication and perseverance. Therefore, the one who decides to follow this Path has to be aware that, as with everything else in life as well, one is getting from the studies and the Path only what one is willing to put in or in other words, the one who sees and takes this as a hobby which one is doing in the spare time will not be able to see and experience the same things and changes as the one who is putting in his whole self.

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Atticus replied the topic: Article submission - advice for newer Jedi

So you're new to the Jedi life? Awesome. Those first few steps on the Path are an exciting, rewarding, magical time. Some of these earliest teachings you pick up in the next few minutes, or hours, or days will be the foundation that gives shape and structure to the warrior you will become.

If I can share a couple of ideas from my own experience:

1. Keep an open mind. People come to the Jedi Path from all walks of life: religious, not religious, liberal, conservative, blue-collar, white-collar, and from nations all over the world. Not surprisingly, we don't always universally agree on everything. But you can learn from everyone, if you get past the labels and the dogma. Take what works for you, no matter the source. Adapt what you have to so that it fits your own Path.

2. Be patient. The Jedi Path is a life-long one. There will be times when it feels like you're not making any progress at all. Then tomorrow you may have an immediate spiritual breakthrough. Accept both kinds of days as they come. As long as you keep taking steps, the progress will be there, whether you can see it or not.

It's okay to set goals. Wanna make it to Knighthood in five years? I will be right beside you cheering you on. Just remember that your goals are still just steps along the Path, and year six comes after that.

3. You know more than you think you do. The reason the mythology of Star Wars and the Jedi were so successful and popular is because they were drawn from spiritual traditions that are as old as civilization itself. The reason the Jedi Path appeals to so many of us is the same: we are dealing with universal truths that have been part of human life for thousands of years, that have been left behind in our microwavable climate-controlled modern society. If you're drawn to the Path, it's because you've felt that resonance within you. Listen to it. Feel the truth of it. As you train and study, you're going to come across some things that might be completely outside your existing frame of reference. Expand your frame, and listen to your intuition. Feel the truth of it. Your spirit knows these truths, even if no one's ever given your mind the words before.

You know, it's so cliche that I never say it, but maybe if you're new, you need to hear it: The Force will be with you, always.

"Right speech is about establishing productive and honest communication that is beneficial to both the speaker and the hearer. . . . Right speech requires the use of truthful, loving words intended to inspire self-confidence, joy, and hope in others." -- The Dharma of Star Wars
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