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Jax created the topic: Article submission - real life Jedi

Please submit your articles and thoughts on what it means to be a real life Jedi in this thread. I will publish them on this site and also to increase traffic to us. I will also likely pull quotes for the websites. You will be noted as the author in all cases.

Thank you.

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Johannes (Yoshio) replied the topic: Article submission - real life Jedi

1. What it means to be a real life Jedi for you

What it means for me to be a real life Jedi or as I would put it a Jedi Realist is in the first place to BE it. Whit that I do mean, I don't claim to be or say that I want to be, I "simple" am a Jedi Realist.
But now what exactly is a Jedi Realist for me?
A Jedi Realist for me is first and foremost someone who believes in the Force, that it exists, that the Force is in all of us as well as all around us and that in this way the Force connects and binds all and everything together.
Furthermore a Jedi Realist is someone who is constantly learning, is constantly working on the betterment of the self so that a Jedi Realist is able to grow, to progress and in this way to be the best version of the "I" which there is possible in this very moment.
Through one's striving for growth and betterment, a Jedi Realist is putting his self and his abilities in the service of others so that one can help others either through their direct action or indirectly by being a guide by living one's creed and expressing it through one's attitude and behaviour.
For me, this means to be a Jedi Realist in my everyday life.

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David (Phoenix) replied the topic: Article submission - real life Jedi

How to be a Real Life Jedi: The Beginner's Guide:

Step 1: Pull Out Your Plastic Lightsabers
It's no mystery that one of the things that may have driven you to find if "Real" Jedi exist is the amazing tool known as a lightsaber. As kids (or kids at heart) we probably have pulled out plastic lightsaber at some point in our lives. We may have dueled our parents in the dark with glowing plastic swords, trying to save our actual dog named Princess from the villainous Darth Vader (Er, Father)...wait. No one else did that?

While we may not have real life lightsabers, we do include martial arts and sparring as something of a fun pursuit as Jedi Realists. We don't have a true need or function for a laser sword today, but honing muscle strength, flexibility and being able to learn self-defense are all essentials skills that have emerged from playing with swords.

Step 2: Lift the Car with your Mind
One of the most awe-inspiring moments in Star Wars movie history was watching Jedi Master Yoda lift a X-Wing Starfighter out of a swamp. He didn't do it with physical strength, but with a reliance on something bigger than him, in a energy field known as the Force. This has led to countless spoofs, attempts and contemplation on what really is the Force. Obi-Wan Kenobi, in A New Hope, describes the Force as: "The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together."

While we may not be able to lift a car with our minds, many of us have pursued what the Force may actually be like in our lives, and how we can interact with it from day to day. For many, this is done with energy work, meditation, and similar practices. While we may not (yet) be able to perform acts of telekinesis or heightened physical abilities, the ability to center and focus, to be in touch with something larger than yourself, and committing to an energy that is bigger than all of us has daily applications. Learning these techniques and applying them into normal life situations is what sets us apart as Jedi Realists.

Step 3: Wear Jedi Robes
Sure, I'll wait. Go ahead and don your $50 Jedi costume that you bought last year for Halloween. Maybe you have an even fancier one that you wear to Comic-Con? The Jedi Robes were based on many real-world monastic traditions and are seen as the iconic garb of Jedi. In the Star Wars Universe, these robes first came about based on how people used to travel thousands of years ago. It allowed them to blend in with their environment and be able to sneak around with out being detected. Eventually, it evolved as the Jedi Order official uniform.

In the real world, we hardly wear Jedi Robes (disappointing, I know). We do wear them for ceremonies and special occasions, but they are not required to be a Jedi Realist. In fact, many of us don't have or require special uniforms. And that's OK. As realists, we work within what is normal to wear in society so that we can function best. We don't need to make audacious statements with robes and hoods, we don't need to call attention to ourselves. Learning skills that can be applied to every day situations like survival, first aide, and emergency preparedness is more important than trying to remember if you ironed your robes for the day.

Step 4: Become a symbol of Peace
Ok, now this one is actually the closest similarity between Jedi Fiction and Jedi Realists. We both strive to better our communities around us and help those in need. We actively seek to be a symbol of peace. While, in a humorous fashion, I have explained we don't run around in robes and lightsabers; I hope you understand that these are not the things that MAKE a Jedi. What makes a Jedi is the desire to continually grow spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally; not JUST for one's own benefit, but the benefit of the galaxy (or Earth) as a whole.

As you can see, many of the things in the Star Wars Universe inspired real life action that may not be exactly how things were done in the movies. That's what sets us apart as Jedi Realists. Sure, we'd love to have lightsabers or lift things with our minds, or travel distant galaxies; but instead, we take those inspirations and draw on them and use the lessons to apply to our daily life. We do this to better ourselves and the community around us. That's how to become a true real life Jedi.
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Connor replied the topic: Article submission - real life Jedi

I sent mine to you, Jax, via email.

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