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Skywalker Code

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J. K. Barger replied the topic: Skywalker Code

Here it is- some of my elusive, hieroglyphic and neurotic scribbling. And these are just the main ones sifted from countless leaves of thought LOL

I usually write these from scratch every time at work where I have time to read up on whatever is at the edge of my practice- especially Jedi-related stuff. The code has always been important to me because I feel (as well as being echoed in the Jedi Path book) that it truly “encapsulates our (a Jedi’s) relationship with the Force”-specifically the path of the Lightside. Exactly how it does this is different to many, but I’ll explain how I’ve seen it.

My approach to interpreting the Codes has been pretty straightforward- in my meditations, I've compared the two Jedi Codes (Traditional and Skywalker) with each other as well as my a code that I was brought up with in my early Buddhist training (the 10 precepts, which themselves are an expanded version of the five (5) ancient sramana precepts). Since they are codes of ethics, I feel like they are comparable if we focus on the virtues that they espouse.

Further, I even think it's possible to do explore this further because of the Five-fold symbolism, and I'm a big fan of fivefold symbolism. I mean, I love all number symbolism, but 5 has a whole bunch of living and corporeal associations!! Think the Five Elements, the Five Koshas, the Five organs of TCM, the Pentagram and its relation to earthly man, the Mandalas, the Chakras, etc., etc.

Each line puts forth a duality (an “appearance,” as in: “things appear this way, but…”- through the pairings of a virtue and its vice. It’s very binary here- very yin/yang. These represent (in more or less the listed order) the stages of the Light and Darksides, illustrating the ways to overcome its grip and come closer to the will/Light of the Force. By extension, I also think that this can form the basis of a fairly comprehensive model of Jedi Training, and can inform interpretations of the Jedi Trials- but that’s another thread I think.

If you look at one of my pictures, I have a graph that shows how the lines of the Code relate to Jedi training through the stages of one’s path, from an Initiate to a Knight/Master. I even use the three Pillars of the Jedi, plus two more (representing the foundation and the “ground-floor” of the Path). Each of the five categories can be easily grouped as 101’s as an initiate, 200’s as an Apprentice, and 300’s as a Knight. 400and 500 level classes can be offered as well to move beyond knighthood as well. the best part about it is that we can place almost all of our regular classes within this schema while also having more room for other programs. It’s still in the air, but I’m open for suggestions.

Ultimately, both of the SW Codes are five-lined, so it feels like it makes sense at any level, whether its personal development or Community standards in training. Plus you can tie it to Four and Six-fold styles, but for ease, I’ve just taken 5 as the "recommended allotment" of our Daily Dose of all things Jedi.

I've planned on tying this all together before (some of my notes are dated), but I figured I could post it here to get the ball moving. PLUS I just want to share for folks to start talking. Anyone can use these for their own inspiration- I'm just the rearranger, not inventor of this stuff.

Now, I will take credit on my application of this five-Fold symbolism towards a five-fold Jedi Training program ;) LOL

I've even kept in mind the old JEDI symbol when looking at this, with the three points and two circles (its even reminsiscent of the “Tri-Force reminiscent” symbol for the Force in The Jedi Path” LOL) ; that is, the three points of the self and its inner and outer contexts.

This makes for a five-fold set of studies that encourage people to explore themselves as part of the Path.

I know I’m gettin complex, but it really is simple- if it wasn’t, I don’t think it’d be this easy to compare and contrast this stuff with so much other stuff.

I’m telling ya, the folks on the development team for Star Wars are either lucky and onto some perrenialist shit here, or they are very clued-in with world culture and spirituality to a point where they can reach out to people across the globe with their stories of the Jedi and these tales of the Force.

If you're into looking into this with me more or have any questions, holla at me and we can SKYPE or something :)

Heck, I may even need to start a new thread for this. But until then, let me know what you all think. I know it's alot of seemingly disparate stuff, but I assure you, the momentum behind each piece is driving to the Heart of the Path.


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