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Institute for Jedi Realist Studies - Dealing with death - Page 2 - Institute for Jedi Realist Studies

Dealing with death

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Hunter replied the topic: Dealing with death

id like to approach this topic from another perspective if its ok

first id like to say that of the posts in this thread i resonate most especislly with Jax

mourning and grieving are for the living

i uderstand that there are war vets and leo's and first responders and many others in the jedi community who's paths bring or have brought them in proximity to death
not to mention that death is a natural part of life
in my life i have seen some death close to me
my father died of lung cancer when i was about 15

actually he died of morphine overdose which i didnt understand at the time but thats the kindness that hospice provides

a police officer was shot by my neighbor outside of my apartment one day, i didnt see theshooting itself because i was sleeping on thecouch but when i went outside to see who was shooting at what amd why i saw her laying on the ground in the parking lot she did not survive
it was her that made me realize how big of a deal equal rights are for people of less popular sexual orientation and identity
the state did not want to recognize her wife either as being eligible for the bemefits a spouse usually recieves in such cases and there was talk of taking their daughter away because the officer was the biological mother and so the souse was seen as less than family

this lead to a lot of reaction and if youd like to know more look up "police officer lois marrero"

i dont know why i didnt know automitically that it was my neighbor, he had already shown me a gun he had and even wanted to recruit me into robbery

he watched crime dramas and saw in them a chance to actualize himself into something powerful

after he shot the police officer he forced hi ls wayinto another of the neighbors apartments

eventually he shot himself

my mother gra dmother and i were living out in spring hill many years ago and there was a period of time where my grandmothers general health was at alow point
she was having to go to the hospital via ambulance every few weeks
one day they had to do a tracheotomy and she didnt survive

i lost one of the two uncles i actually like to a motorcycle accident a couple years later

i was living in a tent with a girfriend and we found one of her ex boyfriend's dead of OD in the grassy area thats now fenced off behind the taco cabana on ben white acroos from the target store close to manchaca

i asked this guy walking towards the store of he would call 911 and he said no
i could ask the dollar store to use their phone

i told him he was a chickent shit piece of garbage and went into the store

a couple months later me and that girl friend chewed on a fentnyl patch and when i woke up she had passed

i know ive already relayed this all in different parts of my course work and i dont mean to harp on it, but for the purposes of the thread i guess i feel it helpful to illustrate that im not juzt talking out of my hand here

ive touched people after they were dead who i had touched while theywere alive

in fact in several of the incidents i mentioned above my actions were a part of the events which lead tk the deaths

im gonna submit this now before i lose it and pick it up again in a bit

everyone has value

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Hunter replied the topic: Dealing with death

i dont know what happens after death

i have some theories - some pretty good ones.
i have had many and many moments when i knew beyond a shadow of doubt that a nonphysical entity was present with me

at one time i went back and forth with myself wanting to belive i was being visited by my father but not wanting to let my belife trick me into being manipulated by sonething that knew which button to push

i came to the conclusion that its pointless to be afraid of them because 1) theyve always been there and 2) I am the one in control of me
one interpretation is that im wacko
and i think its very logical to give that possibility fair consideration
which reminds me about a story i read where this bomber pilot wanted to go home and get out of the war before he got killed and they kept adding more time to his tour and it was driving him crazy andwhen he asked to be sent home they told him only a crazy person would want to stay so we cant let you leave because obviously youre sane

anyway the idea is that if consciousness canexist without a physical body then life after death is totally plausible

ultinately the jury is still out as i am concerned but one thing i am solid about is that dying is as natural and normal as being born

and for something that might be more compelling to people who are not me

every moment of synchronicity
every time we see how we have the real magic that is our ability to create our own lives and how we manifest whats inside of us
every time i think about "the big bang"
how the entire universe was formed in like an instant

theres real magic in the world and the real magic of it iz that its perfeftly common

therez nothing thst ISNT magical
this is my assurance that death is OK
whatever it is
life is probably worse actually for those who leave without getting theirs together and experiencing the awesomeness of that

so when it says

death, yet the force

this tells me that the same awesome and mysterious power which so obviously plays an intrinsic part of my life very likely is relevent to my death as well

the universe which gave me this magical life is the same universe which will give me my death

and on that note,

everyone has value

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Hunter replied the topic: Dealing with death

this is where i really will come at this thread from a perspective not yet really articulated in it

"meditation on inevitable death should be performed daily. everyday when one's mind and body are at peace, one should meditate upon being ripped apart by arrows, riflesl, spears and swords -
being carried away by surging waves,
being thrown into the midst of the fire,
being struck by lightening
or shaken to death by great earthquakes,
falling from thousand foot cliffs,
dying of disease
or commiting seppuku at the death of ones master.

and every day without fail one should consider themself as already dead"


warriors are universally respected for their strength and their honor
people who know the truth of their inevitable death, and who "every day without fail consider themself as dead" and who ujserstand that their very life depends on their mindset, their adaptability and discipline their training and their equipment, their wits and their fortitude, have powerful incentive to develop thse qualities

also a perspective which lets go of a lot of petty and stupid self importance which we otherwise cling tot encounteresl

When i first encountered this concept it was worded "death is the advisor"

The discipline was to failiarise oneself with the idea of personal death to the point that it became relateable- i was not capable of relating to mynpersonal death at an emotional level for a longntime

I was too young and it was too emotionally distant to me for a while

Now i can understand how close to me deathreally is

In the gladiator with russel crow he says at a certain pont "death smiles at us all, and all that one can do is smile back"
Well thats pretty powerful in itself for anyone who cannsay it with simple honesty rather than bravado, but with death as the advisor one can do much more actually

Ive seen death come in teo ways
Slowly and cruelly and maliciously so as to reduce one to a hopeless and lonely echo ofnwhat used to be, so thst it was anbkessing amd a mercy when itnfinally took its own

and suddenly without preambe - even when one may look back and say "it was obvious"
it was usually not at all obvious until it happened
and one may see tragedy in that s well

Butnwhen we takendeath asnan advisor it tells us "im with you- make the most of that hreath youre breathing- treat people the wway you want them to remember you not the way you feel -"

so once the understanding of then importance of the technique is realized
cultivate the feelingnthat ndeath is a presence
andnactual entity of some kind
Itndoesnt have to be macabre or morbid - it can be anything - a light a sound or musicsal note- a ngust of wind

Butndevelop the sense that itn watches one from just behind the left shoulder - just barely out of visual range

the next step is as was quoted from hagakure - meditate on various means of personal death- this especially frightened me when i was younger. I felt as if i might invite my death by doing this

what i will say is that the feeling of being frightened is evidence for the worth of the exercize
The point is to reach an acceptence of deaths reality
Emotionally, most people feel immortal
I often still do and for a long time i always did

Immortal people have all thentime in thenworld to play around and to be offended and to prove that theyre right about everything and on and on

People who know they re going to die do notnhave a moment to lose

so we become aware of wjhat is a waste of time and what is worthy

everyone has value
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