Group Project: List of Jedi Skills/Attributes

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Frost replied the topic: Re:Group Project: List of Jedi Skills/Attributes

I actually have no official computer training but have been fascinated since my parents got me one when I was about 10 years old. All that I know is self taught because I had a passion for it

It never gets easier. You just get better.


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sarah kehoe replied the topic: Group Project: List of Jedi Skills/Attributes

"You know ten languages, can read minds and astral project you can survive anywhere from antartica to the mojave, you can kill a man with your thumb, and hold a lively conversation with the dalai lama or the pope-
but we're waiting for triple A at 2 AM in a bad neighborhood because you cant change a tire/replace an air filter]

I know this is slightly off topic. I agree with everything that has been said so far. It may be a dream that won't be fulfilled in my lifetime but my personal dream is that someday we might have a bricks and to train.... temple. any way. haven't finished reading this thread lol so ill stop now .

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Hunter replied the topic: Group Project: List of Jedi Skills/Attributes

some of this i think is repeating or rephrasing what others have already expressed
apologies for that element but i hope to contribute if not something new the at least an enhancement of whats already understood

anyway im sure its new for someone!

learning itself is an important lesson

a lot of people have self defeating unconscious associations with learning particular subjects or even just the proccess of learning in general

it is scientific fact that the brain will create new neuropathways for every new experience

i even recall reading of instïances where certain types of actual physiological brain damage were mitigated by the brain forming new neuropathways in areas generally not associated with the activity being learned

does that make sense the way it reads?

the idea is that there are instances where the brain region associated with "activityA" recieves some kind of damage and the logical assumption is that now this person is incapable of learning "activityA" because of that damage

another region of the brain kicked in and compensated for the damage and therefore the person was able to learn "activityA" BECAUSE THE BRAIN WILL CREATE NEW NEUROPATHWAYS FOR EVERY NEW EXPERIENCE

also, even if the experience itself is not really new, doing it in a new way or even to an extent from a new perspective will create new pathways


it has been demonstrated that the more difficult it is for a person to learn a particular thing, the more overall benefit they recieve for sticking with the effort until they learn it.

just like muscular exercize!

so i think a course with a focus on learning how to learn and instilling confidence that one CAN learn and general tools for doing so would be very beneficial.

trance induction aka "hynosis"
ive been doing some online hypnosis courses and ive found that i really didnt understand what hypnosis actually is

every time we get excited by a song or inspired by a film we have been hypontised

its not some mystical domination of anothers will but rather the intelligent cultivation of "message units" with which an individual identifies

also if ever you convince yourself of something or are convinced of something by another, and that acceptence translates into a new or adjusted behavior pattern, that is a hypnosis experience

trance is utilized but the important understanding of hypnosis is that it is the proccess of presenting ideas to oneself or to others in such a way that there is an associated change in perspective, perception, or behavior.

some basic psychology i think is important
not proffesor level but certainly a working or functional level of understanding
this helps us understand ourselves as well as other people

i feel like jedi ought to be financially independent- financially strong

not in the sense of being attached to material wealth

as an excercise in control of ones life

second as a positioning of oneself so that one may be of service - money is useful -

third as a vehicle of social influence

this is a road with potential for corruption - but the corrupt are corrupt before they become powerful and jedi are exceptional people because of the fact that they have power and they wield it responsibly.

i understand that this is murky water

i lived years with a very minimum of possesions

i feel the depiction of jedi as owning virtualy nothing but the lightsaber and what they could carry in a pack is aj accurate to the warrior ethos and archetype and i fully support maintaining that ideal

but someone had to fit the bill when the flux capacitor malfunctioned

jedi have to have wealth coming from somewhere and it is imo very UNjedi like to hope for some outside benefactor

weve got to be able to solve our own problems

everyone has value
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Memnoich replied the topic: Re:Group Project: List of Jedi Skills/Attributes

to be truthful, as a computer tech, Systems admin, and even a Automotive tech( high school and US Army), the biggest thing both of these have in common is Logical thinking. When it come to machines, both electric and gas powered, they are mostly simple, you do process A, result B comes out. With logical thinking you can walk through them and figure most things out, at least the simple things. When it gets into the more advanced stuff, Air to Fuel Ratio, Sensor Troubleshooting, Virus tracking, Software configuration, that's where you start getting into the real training.
Just remember this though:
Google will be with you, always.......

.oO Memnoich Oo.
"Do or do not, there is no try" ~Yoda
"Shared pain is lessened, shared joy increased." ~Spider Robinson

Dream Log
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Dogan Nar II replied the topic: Group Project: List of Jedi Skills/Attributes

I'm sure the longer it's been after reading this thread, the more I'll come up with but here are some ideas off the top of my head and kind of bouncing off some already mentioned as well.

I liked the mention of criminology. In my background with Law Enforcement, I've received a degree of academic training but have also come into contact in short periods of time with a much wider realm of criminals than most people will ever hope to in ten lifetimes. I think a basic understanding of criminology is important for all Jedi--especially Guardians. Learning how criminals think, how criminals manipulate people, etc; is not only important to be Protectors of other people but simply to protect ones self.

Computers in general, computer security (not to the extent of going to college for network security). That's a great idea. Like has been touched upon, everything is digital these days. You need to know how to safeguard your information. For example, simply understanding basic password construction is important. Understanding what a cookie is (no, not the delicious chocolate kind) and how they can be used. Understanding virus protection and utilization of virus protection software. Understanding basic skimmer technology and how to detect one.

Self-defense. I'm not a huge advocate of traditional martial arts for this. Sure, that will likely draw a lot of flack but I don't like traditional martial arts because many times they simply lack practical application--or are at least not taught with practical application. Yes, they're fun and help train your body. But I prefer combatives systems (Krav Maga being one of my favorites).

Fitness. This is huge. For many reasons, the simple fact that taking care of your body is one of the main reasons. I'm not saying go out and become a body builder and weigh 220 with 6% body fat. But join a gym, build your cardio, lift some weights. Be able to run a mile in 8 minutes, work with 30 lb dumbbells, etc. Simple stuff is fine. Take a multivitamin, understand some basic supplements.

Self-sufficiency. A lot has been said on this and I think it's great. Be able to change a tire, understand basic car maintenance (check your fluids, etc). Know how to cook some meals so you don't always have to go out. Know how to fix some things around the house. Focus on learning to do simple things for yourself so that you don't have to rely on others at all times for everything.

First aid/CPR. I've been certified in multiple first aid systems, CPR, AED, etc. You can usually find a basic class through the Red Cross for free or for a very small amount of money ($35 is what I've seen). You have no idea how important this is until you need it. And you will need it. Have I ever had to render CPR or apply an AED? No, I'll be honest, I haven't. But I have been in a circumstance where I was choking and someone performed the Heimlich maneuver. I have used techniques to stop bleeding in myself and others. I have used splinting techniques/extremity immobilization. Medical knowledge is also important--I could never work in the medical field but I love my medical friends and always make sure to learn things from them.

I think something that's taken for granted is driving. Understand techniques for driving in inclement weather or other unsafe driving conditions. If you're in traffic, leave room in front of your car (the guy behind me got rear ended once, I had room in front of me to move up so I wouldn't get hit myself). Not everyone has to drive in snow or ice. Some don't even drive in rain much. But you may one day drive under those conditions. I'm from Colorado so I see people all the time that have no clue how to drive with those conditions and it's unsafe. Learn before you have to. I had to take a friend to the ER a few days ago and ran code to the hospital--a Law Enforcement term basically meaning really fast lol. I think everyone should know how to do that but safely (yeah, we can all drive fast but you need to understand things such as braking techniques while driving fast, you need to understand steering dynamics, you need to understand collision avoidance--I've been trained in EVOC/Emergency Vehicle Operation, most don't get that luxury). I'm not saying learn those things so you can use them whenever you want, I'm saying learn those things so you can use it if you're ever in a situation where you need to use them.

Those are just a few of the things that come to mind right now.

The Force will be with you, always
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Jax replied the topic: Group Project: List of Jedi Skills/Attributes

Certainly valid. Practical life skills are definitely important.
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