Common Preparedness Mistakes

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Katie (StormyKat) replied the topic: Common Preparedness Mistakes

I feel so useless right now. If I were in an emergency situation I would die, because I have no survival skills. NONE. One of the downsides of living in a bustling metropolitan city-Chicago--is that there is no to learn survival skills. There are also very few opportunities to go out in nature and learn to survive. You would think perhaps Girl Scouts would have taught me that but no.

So....anyone know where I can learn some survival skills? :lol:

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Jax replied the topic: Common Preparedness Mistakes

You are in the majority StormyKat, don't feel bad. Do you have cable? Seriously, I learn a lot just from watching Survivorman. It's interesting and you get to see him do things in practice instead of reading it from a book. That's where I'd start. You'll eventually take Situational Awareness in your training which will go over things as well, but you won't get the same visuals. I would avoid Man vs Wild, as he sensationalizes things and isn't really surviving. He and his crew will retire to a hotel for the night after filming. Survivorman is out in the wild, by himself, for days. If you don't have cable, there are some videos and stuff online that you can find. The show is on the Discovery channel.

This will gently bring you into the topic without overwhelming you. DON'T look at prepper websites and stuff right now. They are often sensationalized or fear based as well, and until you have a balanced perspective on things, I don't want to see the fear getting into you.

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Kol Drake replied the topic: Common Preparedness Mistakes

Under the header "After the Death Star", there are many good threads on things to consider for preparedness -- bug out bags for short term and long term emergencies.

The web pages for the American Red Cross have many good pages listing what things to think about / pack for 'city' emergencies. Well worth taking a look and perhaps working up a small "three - five days survival bag" --- clothes, fire, light, space blanket, water 'straw' or small container of bleach for purifying standing water, pet food, etc. Even 'go bags' that you can tuck under your desk at work -- just to make it out safely and back home to your larger kits.
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