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Greetings everyone!

It's been awhile since I've been around the forums here, and I wanted to reestablish my presence here with a post! I wanted to write about something I have been doing lately that has helped me along in various aspects of my Jedi training, and is a green activity.

I've recently begun volunteering at the local Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. My favorite part of biology is Wildlife Biology, and even further, Ornithology (or the study of Birds).

I've had some of the most amazing experiences of my life caring for the various predators there, but my heart is with the raptors. Caring for predatory birds can be a nerve-wracking experience, but with the proper mindset, it can be very rewarding.

First, when caring for raptors, you must remain calm. Many of the birds at the center will never fly again, so we walk them on our hands/arms. The slightest fidget, a sudden jerking motion, and you could have a very upset bird on your hands (literally). When applied to one's training as a Jedi, this is a great exercise in control over one's emotions as well as maintaining near-meditative calmness. Maintaining that calm and exuding an aura of peace will make handling the birds much easier for you.

Second, this process helps expand situational awareness. When walking these birds, you must be aware at all times of the hazards around you. Many of the birds will attempt to fly away, and if they get away they will crash into the ground. Even worse is if they try to fly away when you're going through a door! In addition to this, you must be reading the signs the bird is giving you. Are they about to bait (attempt to fly away)? Are they uncomfortable? Are they having a hard time keeping their footing? Are they upset? This is a lot to consider and be aware of all at once, but with enough work, your situational awareness heightens itself to the point that all these tasks are automatic.

Third, these birds are predators. They possess insanely sharp talons, hooked beaks for tearing food, and lots of power. They must have the respect that they demand. Lack of respect for them can result in injury, an escaped bird, or the bird will not let you approach for any reason. Animals are highly intuitive, and a lack of respect shows through in body language and "aura"-wise. This is a lesson in humility. Humanity might have the highest level of cognitive power in the entire animal kingdom, but we are not greater than the other animals around us. We are connected, we share a common ancestry, regardless of how far back our relation goes, and nothing gives you that level respect like working closely with a predator.

I highly recommend volunteering at a local wildlife rehab center. It doesn't have to be birds you work with, either. Working with any kind of predator will help advance your training in similar ways. I personally have never enjoyed "work" so much in my life, and I'm not even getting paid to do it.
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Jax replied the topic: Wildlife Rehabilitation

Thank you for sharing your experiences!

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