Star Wars, Episode 7, The Force Awakens

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Jax replied the topic: Re:Star Wars, Episode 7, The Force Awakens

I still had fun watching the movie, and I recall pretty much everyone having chills during the episode 7 trailers too. Basically, we have no clue how any of it will be yet.

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Memnoich replied the topic: Star Wars, Episode 7, The Force Awakens

While I had Chills during the trailer, and even was surprised several times. I was disappointed in the progression. To me, Kylo went from Bad-ass to spoiled Emo kid. At the end of the movie, I was trying to figure out how he became the leader of the knights of Ren, and did all that he did. At the end, it felt like, had it not been for his Force powers,he would have been no match for Finn, a Trooper who seemed to be getting his ass kicked left and right. Kylo was not the Villain I was promised.

Rey was awesome, a Strong female hero, an Icon and what I hoped for. Someone for my step daughters to look up to.

The story, was repeatative, and in typical style of the new directors, lost of Flash and bang, very little substance. I didn't feel like there was much to episode 7, to me it should have been split and fleshed out more. It seemed rushed, ill explained, and more visually stimulating than it was mentally.

I am disappointed that the EU was thrown out, but am hopeful that some of it will come back into the fold. I agree there were a few to many contradictions, but that comes from having multiple people writing the same story, they see it from their own perspective. we'll just have to see where it leads.

Mostly I'm hopeful for a backstory, a beginning, but I also fear it. I will go see episode 8, and also 9, just because of my love of the franchise, and the look in my kids eyes when they watched 7, but I have fears as to where they are taking it, and where it will end up.

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