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Kol Drake created the topic: Movie - After Earth

Saw the trailer on TV. Earth has been messed up so bad, they all leave. 1,000 years later, a ship crashes and Will Smith's kid has to brave the wilds to get help.

Had to cringe at one line -- "... the animals have all evolved to kill humans..." Since all humans were gone; would be surprising to figure out how the animals needed to evolve to kill something that was no longer there to 'aid' in their evolution.

But, be that as it may... bet many will just eat up this movie (( or at least their official web site )) since it tells the 'future history' and touches on the characters. And, the thing that will link it more closely with the Jedi folk is the 'Ranger Corps'... which is very semi Jedi like... with their fancy twin bladed weapons, etc. Well, more martial Jedi but... bet many will eat that up.

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Jax replied the topic: Movie - After Earth

I think it looks like an interesting movie. I have high regard for Will Smith. The Smith family lives a level of spirituality that reflects in their lives and in the movies they choose. This may end up being 'just' another action flick, but it doesn't look like it will. I look forward to seeing it.

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