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Kol Drake created the topic: SW: Ahsoka

This was originally released in October 2016 but I only got around to it this last week. Although it is painted with the YA - Young Adult - label, it stands as a decent treatment of this particular character. Instead of coming up with my own words, I'll just paste the link to a short review from over at the Nerdist website

>> Ahsoka - a Must Read for Clone Wars fans <<

Just a few minor points --
The novel is a great example of positive portrayals of female characters, but a slow beginning and unfocused characterization hurt it, imo.

This story opens about a year after the end of Episode III : Revenge of the Sith
After leaving the Jedi Order shortly before Order 66, she has cast her lot in with average citizens of the galaxy, the people who she notes are "merely good at things, not prodigious."

The book does a good job of showing what her personality was like between the two eras of her life, the Clone Wars and the Rebellion. Getting inside her head lets us see her fear and how she comes to her conclusions, erasing some of the distance I felt from her on The Clone Wars. Author E.K. Johnston skillfully captures both sides of her personality, the enthusiastic, confident Padawan and the contemplative Jedi. At times her battle taunts are "rude for no reason, the kind of thing that would've had Master Kenobi rolling his eyes." In other moments, she's kind and heartfelt.

Although the book starts out slow, Ahsoka’s heroics make for an entertaining story in the faster-paced second half. Part of the strength of the book is that it is an evolution of Ahsoka far beyond the quippy character she was in The Clone Wars.

It is interesting to note that between certain sections of story/action, the author has inserted 3-5 page 'cut scenes'... which touch on anything from flashbacks to Anakin Skywalker just before he took on a young padawan named Ahsoka to things going on with the rest of the Star Wars Universe and even an interesting treatment of the crystals used in lightsabers -- Jedi and/or Sith. As a stand alone story, the author also tried to 'connect all the dots'.... so near the end, it seems a tad 'compressed' / contrieved so she can get Ahsoka pointed toward her 'future' as shown in the Rebels cartoon series... even though Rebels is many years further down the road.

Overall, it was a nice read.
On a scale of 1 to 5 Force Users: I give it a 3 :jedi :jedi :jedi
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Hilda Cain replied the topic: SW: Ahsoka

I have read it several times, my question is, how long does the jump take? She seems to go between the two planets(?) in no time. Altho, she did spend some time on the first planet, the 2nd time around.

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