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Jared Ritchey (Fezzik) created the topic: Fezzik's Training Journal

So, I haven't been keeping a training journal aside from my individual class pages. I had a moment of enlightenment at work yesterday though, and thought to myself "I should probably keep a general journal to keep track of these."

In my new job I have a lot of time to just think, contemplate, and do some perpetual meditation. My line was, by definition, chaotic yesterday. The machine was misaligned and was getting backed up frequently, and at one point the conveyor belt got messed up somehow, none of the emergency stops were working, and we had to hit the global e-stop and shut down the entire plant. Needless to say, my line operator kept getting frustrating and acting out of his anger.

My mind kept being drawn to the fourth line of the Code "Chaos, yet Harmony," and how that relates to Yin and Yang (a concept I have become fascinated with since beginning my Jedi Journey). It is because I have experienced chaos that I can recognize harmony for what it is and enjoy it when it comes.

On the grand scheme of things, a production line getting backed up is not very chaotic when compared against national tragedies or forces of natures like tornados or hurricanes. However, at the time, it was chaos for us, and it was because of my (albeit limited) Jedi training that I was able to accept the minor chaos with a calm mind, assist the line operator with keeping the machine running, and hopefully lessen his inner chaos.

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Jax replied the topic: Fezzik's Training Journal

Daily life gives ample opportunity for training if you just look for it. :-) And while yes, it's frustrating to people to have to shut down the plant, it would be worse to permanently damage the belt. Sometimes all we can do is allow people to be angry. this is a perfect opportunity to practice exercise 2 from Jedi Studies 101 - become space. allow their anger to pass right through you rather than bracing against it. :-)

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