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Jax replied the topic: StormyKat's Training Journal

What a relief to have one troublemaker gone!

It's frustrating when people use differences to excuse poor behavior. I'm on the spectrum. Yes I can be an asshole at times. But it doesn't mean that I get a free pass. Ultimately, it might be time for the bosses to send her packing too. You don't need every customer, and setting boundaries will help the business grow!

Until then, hang in there. You are doing a great job. You definitely have learned a lot over the years.

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Perhaps one day I will stop being amazed at the ways of the Force. Today is not that day.

I have been taking a social media fast for mental health reasons and to get myself back in the swing of things. No Twitter, no Facebook. I logged on to Facebook the other day just to check on the status of my kickboxing class-they are announcing when you can sign up for classes on Facebook. As I was trying to check the most recent updates from them, I somehow stumbled on a Facebook post from a Jedi friend I met at the 2016 Jedi gathering. She was going through a rough friend breakup. I read her post and it reminded me of a few situations I went through. I was reminded of some great advice I got in the forums here and passed it on to her. She said it will be really helpful for her. We then got to talking about life and friends and stuff. We have so many of the same insecurities and life difficulties. It was so helpful and reassuring to me to know that other people struggle with the same social situations that I do. It was especially helpful since I am feeling super insecure and lonely right now. So, I am sitting here feeling better for having helped and unexpectedly being helped in return. Because the Force truly does work in mysterious ways.
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