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Katie (StormyKat) replied the topic: StormyKat's Training Journal

Right now I feel like Luke on Dagobah when he is training with Yoda. That scene where he tells Yoda it’s impossible and questions his training because he is completely overwhelmed and thinks he might have made a stupid decision.

I signed up for NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month. I am going to do my best to write a novel in a month. That’s 50,000 words by the end of November. I am three days in and feel like I have been lugging Yoda around on my back while trying to lift a x-wing out of the swamp. I am asking myself what the fluff I was thinking, signing up for this. I am grateful that I am doing this with several other Jedi, but I am still wondering what am I doing. I am so tired from late nights (where I was catching up on my reading since I spent the day reading) and I am behind on my word count. Trying to balance work and writing is tough. Today I worked 11 hours and I have to be back to work in 9 hrs. I feel the need to try to cram a few hundred words in to at least only be one day’s worth behind.

I am also feeling my own mortality. Between my birthday on Sunday and the longer hours of darkness I am really feeling it. Tying it all together I am trying to remind myself that I am doing NaNoWriMo because it is an adventure which will be a story in and of itself. It also challenges my skills and gets me out of my comfort zone. It will hopefully be a reminder that I am worthy of my dreams and with a little Yoda training to whip me in shape, I can achieve my dreams. I just need a tiny green master to crack the whip at me... But also, I only have one life and I have spent a lot of it not doing anything of value (ok..I can’t think that way. I have saved a lot of kitties and made a lot of lives better). But it was not living the dream that I keep feeling called to. And I just spent another year of my life not working towards that dream. So...what the hell am I waiting for?
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Kol Drake replied the topic: StormyKat's Training Journal

I wondered if you would post before your Birthday!
Happy 'Pre-Birthday' Day!!!

Ya, it's that time again. Shorter days; less sunlight; dreary weather days.
This is when you know - from experience - what you need to do to keep it all from adding to that emotional/physical/spiritual load we carry around. Sun exposure (or full-spectrum alternatives), plenty of sleep, and eating right will all be especially important from now until 'near Spring'.


wow... you really took the plunge this time. NaNoWriMo can be a real challenge for some. I've also read others who waited until the last 10 days and churned out reams of words. (not certain if they were semi polished stories but there were words involved!) If possible, get a notepad and just jot down thoughts or sentences that might pop into your head during work... that way you have a 'trigger' to work from when you come home and spend 'unwind time' scribbling down the fuller concept. 50,000 sounds like a lot but once you start filling pages, it may not feel like it's enough!

Best wishes on this new challenge.
And, another birthday. May this one and all those that follow be full of Light, Love, and Peace.

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Johannes (Yoshio) replied the topic: StormyKat's Training Journal

From me to you also all the best! For your birthday and your NaNoWriMo. You can do it and You know it! ;)
Just don't be mad of and with yourself!
All the best and may Love, Light and Peace and the Force guide You along your personal Path! :meditate

Qui-Gon Jinn: "We cannot control our emotions, but we can decide how we go along with them."
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