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Kol Drake replied the topic: Dineara's Training Journal

So, my service ended on Wednesday and I've been "free" ever since.

Congratulations on completing your service. It was a challenge. And you pushed through the tough bits -- even when it hurt. Good job.

I decided to remind myself of what's important by reading The Lazy Man's Guide To Enlightenment (actually finished it this time, lol) and then it just hit me halfway (and why wouldn't it have as I was reading it by putting my mind and heart into it). Now I've proven that the thing actually works, lol!

I 'found' that book way back in 1977. Loved it so much I bought a dozen copies (at the time) and have handed them out over the years. It's a little weird and very short BUT, it hits the proverbial nail on the head when it comes to energy, vibrations, 'being open' and AWARENESS. I always thought it was a book that would disappear 'in time'. Instead, it has been reprinted over and over again, gone onto the Internet and is still 'going strong' 4 decades later. Obviously, it has 'something' we all need.

Glad you are finding 'good stuff' inside that tiny tome.
It *is* all about self awareness and learning to open up to the greater 'vibes' of the world. lol... he was talking 'the Force' before the Force was a 'thing'. One of the earliest Star Wars related items I ever bought was a short booklet that taught meditation and equated the Force to Love. I am STILL not sure what Love is (a song leaps to mind) but I can understand the virtue of becoming a higher frequency / vibe person. To be able to find resonance with the higher aspects of reality (and beyond).

Now then, lately I have been very very tired and easily overwhelmed. I am starting to doubt that my recent oversensitivity to everything has something to do with this new practice of mine - it started pretty much at the same time. My body's been having it hard due to stress and illness and I've been suffering from low blood pressure and thus a lot of dizziness when standing up, moving and stuff, and naturally have been very tired because of that, but I still feel that this is a bit different.

As you note, your body needs time to recover. You were ill for much of your time 'in service'... and that takes more than 'a few days/weeks' to get over. And, now, you are "re-arranging" your entire body with this new energy / vibe awareness. It will take time to adjust.

As for 'sensitivity' -- that is part of it. Your body is changing -- let's call it 'vibrational puberty.' LOL

You are trying to recover physically while also having all these energetic changes happening at the body, mind and spirit level. It is taking energy 'away' from your recovery. You need to take time to get into the sun and absorb as much 'pure energy' as possible to help you on this... instead of *just* using your own energy. The Universe is there; offering all the energy you can handle -- IF -- you allow it to.

The other thing to consider is... with a higher vibe, you are now opening yourself to new frequencies -- which means having to learn 'new filters' so the good stuff can enter and the stuff you don't want is rechanneled. Opening up while still maintaining a buffer is part of this learning curve. And, to be slightly 'preachy' -- every guru / sensei / preacher / wise person in history has taken 'time outs' due to the overload of all that energy 'coming in'. It's okay to say, "I've had enough" and go out and find a quiet spot to recover and regroup. Not saying you need to go find a desert cave and spend 40 days and nights eating locusts and honey but... definitely find YOUR quiet spots and make time to take time for yourself.

I just picked up another book from the 70s that speaks on 'gaining personal power through expanding awareness'. It is amazing how the human mind/body can take in so much -- OR -- filter out / down right ignore so much if we so desire. Loud noises become 'background noise'; stinky smells nearly disappear after overexposure; our eyes 'look' without really seeing / processing what it is SEEING.

That's all on us. And, if we decide to go full 'brain dead sleepwalker' mode... we can do that and live in a dull, gray, unremarkable life.

OR... we can expand our awareness (and vibe) and embrace the richness of the Universe. There is 'stuff' **out there** (beyond our body zone) which is wild, wonderful and worth discovering... if we allow it. Magic. Strangeness. Weirdness. All the things we WISHED we had in our lives as kids (and adults)... is there IF we are open to it.

But, it means changing. Not being 'like everyone else'. And, for most, change is scary as shit.
We have to remember - fear is a reaction to the unknown -- the future that has yet to be. Silly that we can destroy our wellbeing over something that does not yet exist... in the hopes it will not happen... even though it has no chance of happening unless we give it the power to do so.

Life is weird... and wonderful.

Enjoy the energy!
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