Preventing Negative Entities

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Jax replied the topic: Preventing Negative Entities

Have you tried anything from this thread Vexile? It's ok if not.

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Peter replied the topic: Re: Preventing Negative Entities

Wow i am so glad i found this website
If i want to learn about something i turn it into a symbol
All things are symbols, can be a feeling or a thing etc...

I observe a thing/feeling or whatever then i imagine a light on my forehead until i get that blurred eye meditation look. its like taking a snapshot with your third eye
when i do this it reveals information as its needed, i like to think Jedi style ;-)
it works for me
also important for me is the candle meditation

symbols have information, the 5 point star and the Egyptian SA symbol
the 5 point star is used by so many countries and organisations for a good reason

some attacks are a combo psy and harrp or microwave tech
i use copper bracelet and magnetite necklace (cheep as chips on ebay) to modify my signature if i feel bad vibes,
i think a leather hat helps too, testing atm eh eh

i think elf waves use your speakers so i cancel out sound by facing speakers 6 or 7 inches appart facing each other, works wonders for me, might casuse feedback?
light protection meditation, if that needs a boost i imagine a mirror in front of my face pointing back at the disgrace or i stand in front of mirror then close my eyes and imagine myself in front of mirror
i show them the Sohar i saw years ago as big as a basketball eh eh

To understand something you cant fear it

my guides have shown me symbols that work wonders, i will do a post about that when i get pics

A poem i did years ago
All things that are not good
must be recognized and understoond
then you will neutralize them real good

free from all that is not good
easily reach a neutral state of mind
its the way of the Creations kind

it goes on longer will dig it up and post it

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Peter replied the topic: Re: Preventing Negative Entities


My thoughts ATM
As we burn brighter (so to speak) we attract light n dark forces. Neutral positive thoughts and Love/thoughts are IMPORTANT protection from dark forces.

Always keep your cool no matter what, our powers are strong when we are cool headed

We can also quite easily imagine things that seem real

Install a magnetometer app that makes a sound if its reading a change, if it does i do the white light meditation if feeling bad vibes or thoughts

((The white light meditation is great protection)) google it as i dont see much about white light meditation mentioned in the English translations, i always do it before sleep (is briefly mentioned in one of the meditation pages before sleep) re: On going to bed the meditative concentration is directed at visualising a light-appearance, which can be created in all personally-desired colours.

The pyramid (kings chamber) has always been a powerful place, i put my light (consciousness) there and plug into its energy, works wonders for me

DONT DO EUPHORIC Meditation (to fix things)

Euphoric meditation is willfully generating thoughts of bliss, joy and well being, these thoughts have a direct influence in the psyche by generating similar feelings.
Because the consciousness is focused on these feelings a delusion occurs because these feelings are purely generated from the consciousness and don't have any realistic foundation. These delusions can have such a severe impact that the person who practices this meditation form will become unable to separate reality from fiction.
When this occurs it will have damaging effects on the psyche and can cause a mania and schizophrenia that will be hard, if impossible to heal.

You can easily weed out the negatives.

In order to break through this vicious cycle of mean acts, of self-created pain and suffering, the consciousness must be changed and control over it must be won

If feeling tired white light meditation for 10 mins works wonders or a micro sleep 10 mins if u didnt get much sleep,The 77 meditations print a few copies and leave one next to your bed,toilet and tv lounge or anywhere you are left waiting around e.g. take on the train or bus etc...

If no work then Create Work, study more, clean up more, assist others more, exercise twice per day, Create Work!

We need to ground ourself, walk barefoot on the grass or have a shower or swim,gardening etc...

Vitamin c, vitamin D, zinc and spirulina everyday

Moringa oleifera (HERBAL) powder tea tastes ok especially when negative forces are about

Good thoughts/Love are the best protection

Be with people if you need too or seek professional help (goto hospital is free in Australia and works fast),dont be remote from the community

The candle meditation reveals things we need to know, its important, i imagine a light on the flame

Burn incense, it works wonders

77 meditations is on this page, very important

As has been said since time immemorial: “Sleep is a changeable factor of consciousness, and thoughts, feelings and actions form accordingly”

Also physical cleanliness is of significance concerning sleep


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