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Kol Drake replied the topic: Creating your Best Future

Your focus determines your reality.” -- Qui-Gon Jinn, Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Probably one of the best quotes and one of the few 'good things' to come of those prequels. We should be mindful of where we place our focus. What we focus on is a choice.

The world we perceive is the world we interact with. These perceptions, for the most part, are all we have to go on, and by necessity, we have to act as if what we are perceiving is accurate. BUT I think it would have benefit to be mindful that our perceptions may be in error. Sometimes it is as simple as trying to use a step that isn't there when climbing or descending stairs, or at times it can cloud interpersonal interactions by guessing at another's motivations or our assessment of someone's character.

It is through focus that a Jedi is able to sense and control the Force. With focus on the present, the Jedi can call upon their higher perceptive powers to see a clearer objective reality that will open them up to more possibilities to allow them to see solutions to a situation that would otherwise be considered impossible -- 'seeing' things our typical "five senses" might miss or misinterpret.

This is also true for anything that requires a high degree of attention. Take high performance athletes in which focus can help them slow down time, intuitively sense their surroundings without the need to look, react without the need to think, etc...

Then again, If you only see the darkness of a situation then your reality is bleak. Focus on the positive and the reality of your predicament becomes conquerable.

And just to be a total 'fence sitter' on this all -- can we focus so heavily on the light or darkness that truths about each become so apparent they are unchangeable and always true? Or, do you suppose we are destined to always live in a world of relativity despite our focus where there are no 'real' truths, but only perceptions of them (the cave)? (darn that Plato!)
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Johannes (Yoshio) replied the topic: Creating your Best Future

Very interesting how this post fits to a topic we touched on during our team workshop yesterday. In this workshop the moderator came up with the image that we all perceive our surrounding through glasses, literally or symbolic. He carried on with explaining that all our individual glasses get coloured by the experiences we make through life and therefore there is not pair of glasses which can and will have the same colour. Furthermore it can even happen, due to the individual experiences one makes, that some glasses have blind spots or completely blind and others might show cracks.
I liked this symbol of the glasses in a way and when reading this post I felt it perfectly fits to the quote of Qui-Gon Jinn.

As for the question put at the end of your post, Kol Drake, unfortunately this also showed true through this workshop as one of my colleagues became a perfect example of that one can trick oneself into believing something which actually isn’t reality at least not for the majority of people in the room we had been in yesterday. Without going into any details, I was wondering and also had been sort of frustrated how one can be so blind, so ignorant to deny everything around and really believe that one is holding the only, perfect truth.
So, yes, if one is putting one’s focus on something and strongly keep doing so, one can get to a stage, a point where the things one want to believe become the things one actually experience although this might be so for only this one individual.
But if this works for single persons, I don’t see a point why it couldn’t or shouldn’t work for all of us and actually, throughout history, there are many examples where people believed in something, focused on it and made it their reality and by doing so bringing it into life. So, yes, our focus determines our reality, for me this is very true and a very powerful tool we have to work with and, if we decide to do so, use it to change things for the better. :meditate

Qui-Gon Jinn: "We cannot control our emotions, but we can decide how we go along with them."
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