Personal Power and the Sorcerers Explanation

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Hunter created the topic: Personal Power and the Sorcerers Explanation

none of this is my invention

i present this information in a format which suggests it as factual truth or reality

i do that because it is a convenient way of talking, not because i expect it to be accepted as such

i personally am convinced that this is a functional model for interpretation which is highly relevant and beneficial to jedi worldview

but i am unconcerned with proving it to be correct or incorrect, insofar as discussion within the thread is concerned

i wish to say this another way

i do not intentionally present this as THE TRUTH

but i will say that this is the most functional model of interpretation that i have encountered
and that it has especial and definite value for jedi

i am going to relate it piece by piece as time and energy allow

i do not regard myself as an authority on this subject

i would be delighted to share ideas on the topic if they are in the spirit of mutual learning

if you have a question about this topic please feel free to ask and i will answer as best as i can

im not an authority but i have been familarizing myself with this system for more years than id want to admit so i am somewhat knowledgeable

i ask that unless you are familiar with this model of perceptual interpretation that you refrain from demeaning or critiquing or picking the model apart, at least until it has been presented in its entirety, so that its various components may be viewed in relation to each other, at which point critique on the model will be appropriate because it will be informed

for further reading

The Sorcers Description & The Sorcerers Explanation

1) we are luminous energetic beings in an energetic universe
2) which is only one of an infinite amount of universes within the overall framework of what has recently been called the Mulitverse

but traditionally has been refered to as infinity and eternity and existence

3) and which exist as expressions of what is refered to as The Incomprehensible Force

The Incomprehensible Force is described as the energetic source of everything

4) we are composed of a luminosity made of fibers or filaments - and displaying a generalized glow - and that at the energetic level we do not look at all like bi pedal mammals but instead we basically resemble a luminous egg with an infinite multitude of luminous fibers entering into and exiting out of the luminous egg in all directions

covering not only the entirety of the surface of the luminous egg

but also passing through the entirety of its width and breadth and depth

5) the filaments are all of essentially the same thing; energy, perhaps an aspect of light, (which is now recognised as being capable of carrying information) and which can generally be divided into four catagories

a) energy from "the universe at large" interacting with and affecting the luminous egg


b) energy originating within the luminous egg and extending outwards to interact with various features of the universe at large


c) energy generated from within the luminous egg which has specific internal function and remains localized within the egg itself


d) energy originating from and interacting with the universe at large and various elements of that universe which have nothing to do with the luminous egg

6) perception, of ourselves and of the universe,
is a matter of certain elements of the energetic egg focusing its INTENT on a specific set of luminous filaments of the universe at large which pass through the egg

- Practical Application of the Sorcerers Explanation -

this explanation sets the framework for an interpretation which can be used as a functional model for tangible and demonstrable methodologies for personal development

one example of an interpretation which can be used as a functional model for tangible and demonstrable methodology for development is to use the am/fm radio as a metaphor for who we are as individuals

everything about us is a matter of what band width we are receptive to
and what frequency within that bandwidth that we are attuned for recieving

to view ourselves from such a metaphor allows us the objectivity to formulate tools for self evaluation and development
which do not come from an emotionally vulnerable state of attatchment to any particular result expectation or personal judgement predicated on individual worth

i.e. a person is not bad or good in this model, only set to a station which is characterized by certain styles of music

and predisposed to play a specific set of musicians within the overall genres of these musical styles

and further disposed to playing specific songs recorded by these specific musicians

all of these specifics happening as a selection proccess of attuning or isolating specific filiaments from the universe at large, and of the potential within the luminous egg, to the exclusion of other filaments which could also be selected

so that the individual has a distinguished tendancy to display specific characteristics
to the general exclusion of other possible characteristics

all of which fall within the overall potentialities of the options available to the human organism

so for instance
to be optimistic or pessimistic is not in actuality a fixed characteristics of the individuals luminous egg

but are a result of which filaments the egg has selected for perceptual interpretation

so to be pessimistic or optimistic is a matter of the songs which we consciously or unconsciously choose to play on our radios

this am/fm radio analogy is one i made up for this thread as a quick example of the functionality of the Sorcerers Explanation

the traditionam terminology used in sharing this Explanation begins with the Descriptions of the Tonal and the Nagual

everyone has value

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Hunter replied the topic: known unknown unknowable

catagorization of reality

reality can be divided into three catagories;

the known

the unknown

the unknowable

these are just as they sound

the unknown can become known but the unknowable is energetically beyond the capabilities of the luminous egg to relate to in a cohesive fashion

aspects of the unknowable may be momentarily percieved in order for the energy body to comprehend the truth of it as unknowable but prolonged exposure results in serious injury and eventually death

there is an exception or rather extenuating circumstance to this rule as it relates to each individual which will be presented in the next post

everyone has value

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Hunter replied the topic: the Tonal and the Nagual

for the purposes of describing the individuals relationship to the Incomprehensible Force and the universe at large the metaphor is used of the tonal and the nagual

toeNALL and nahuWALL

this metaphor depicts the tonal as an island which sits or floats atop the nagual

i personally prefer the metaphor of the individual tonal being represented as a piece on a chess board

and the nagual being represented by the square upon which we are placed

or as the tonal being represented by all of the pieces on the board collectively in a game where its noble elements are pitted against the ignoble or unhealthy elements of itself

for the integrity of the original explanation
i have to be clear that the chess board analogy is my own interpretation

if it is seen to eventually fall apart that failing should be regarded as a product of my interpretation only

and not as indicative of the Descripton or the Explanation or the tonal/nagual metaphor as being inaccurate

the tonal corresponds to the known and represents everything that an individual does and knows and thinks and believes

all understanding, feeling and activity fall under the perview of the tonal

rationality in particular is associated with the tonal

and it is said that as soon as a tonal understands a thing, that thing becomes a feature on the island of the tonal

in the chessboard analogy i would say that the complete sum of any individual tonals understanding and behavior is what determines the type of piece it is most appropriately represented by on the board


which side of itself is ahead in points

also, that having personal attachment to being a particular piece
for the purpose of measuring ones personal worth in relation to other tonals
represents an unhealthy fixation of the tonal upon itself

a fixation of the type classified as SELF IMPORTANCE

and in fact relegates that tonal to one of the lesser pieces

or to falling behind in points

because of its own confusion that the game was a competiton with or a battle against other tonals

as a general rule, comparison of ones personal tonal to another tonal is seen as unhealthy fixation

except for its usefulness as a tool for instruction

this is done from the impersonal perspective of the am/fm radio analogy
and would be done as a means of highlighting the effects which the Description and Explanation may have on the tonal

which is done for the purposes of convincing the tonal to adopt a psychological model of cognition and activity which reflects the Description and the Explanation

if that doesnt make sense dont worry
its in the next post

the nagual is associated with the unknown and the unkowable and is represented as the area on which the tonal is placed or above which an individual tonal floats

the personal nagual, or the unknown, is said to be the area directly underneath the tonal

and the nagual at large
or the unkowable
is represented as the nagual which exists beyond the space upon which the tonal rests

in the chessboard analogy the personal nagual is represented as the square upon which the individual piece is placed

and the nagual ingeneral is represented as the rest of the board

in the chessboard analogy the goal of the game shifts from defeating other tonals

to the individual tonal having the experience of progressively recognising and actualizing itself as the complete embodiment of each of the various pieces, one piece at a time, moving from pawn upwards


the individual tonal as being the sum total of all of the pieces on the board
and the struggle that each tonal has with itself to win its own game and become the best tonal it is capable of becoming

in both cases of the chess board analogy it should now be expressed that the REAL purpose of the game is to to strengthen and fortify the tonal so as to prepare it for the pressures of dealing with the nagual

which are at times bizzare, frightening, fascinating, and intoxicaing,
not because of the actual nature of the nagual
but because of the tonals tendencies of self indulgent fixation

another way of saying this
is that the purpose of the game is to prepsre the tonal for a meeting with infinity

the pattern of the board is recognized as being exponentially infinite

and the edges of the board only exist as intentionally imposed limits so that the game can be managable

said another way,
we are intrinsically linked to the nagual, it is a part of us, and so we have one very small piece of it which relates to us personally

again this represented as the sea on which the island sits
or the area above which the tonal floats

or by the square upon which the tonal stands

or the board on which the game is played

the nagual again is ultimately unknowable

but if the tonal is properly fortified there is a small piece of the nagual which we can relate to
without it causing injury to our luminous egg

or more precisely

without the tonal injuring itself
through energy depleting fixation

the procces of fortifying the tonal is known as the cleaning and ordering of the island of the tonal


sweeping up the island


the chessmatch of ones life

everyone has value

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Hunter replied the topic: Reaching the Nagual

The real purpose of the game is to engage the nagual
But a tonal which is not prepared for this encounter is at risk of personal injury and in the event of regular and deep immersion into the nagual, for the unfortified and indulgent tonal, even death.

Or perhaps even worse, a lifetime (perhaps even an eternity) of slavery to the petty and capricious demands of a self fixated and self indulgent tyrant

imagine having all the power you could want but being so egomaniacal that your petty selfishness made your power into a curse of depleting and distorting and spiritually ruining everyone and everything you touched, even yourself

that is the slavery of a distorted and self fixated tonal which has learned to engage the nagual at will

This is due to the weakness or immaturity of the tonal and not because of any inherent malignity of thenagual
It can be compared to life at sea or traveling through space; they require one to be fit for the task and deliberate and disciplined

They are powerful and impersonal forces
They do not wish our destruction or our salvation
They dont really care about us either way
They may not even be perceptually formatted to recognize us

And and to traverse them one must do it on their terms
even so, there are no guarantees

So the the formula for engaging the nagual includes (but is not necessarily limited to)

1) sweeping or fortifying the island of the tonal

2) cultivating personal power

3) beckoning INTENT

4) accruing Inner Silence

5) shrinking the tonal/stopping the world

6) reinforcing the tonal

7) the art of stalking

9) the art of dreaming

everyone has value

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Hunter replied the topic: Stalking and Dreaming

From this point on I will do my best to use an asterick * to indicate my own interpretations or judgments in regards to the material presented
the idea is to mostly just present the material. but in some cases is difficult to do so in a clear and relatable way without adding my personal observation or experience, but I also want anyone interested to be aware of when I'm doing this so that you can choose for yourself whether to seperate what may at times amount to no more than my personal opinion from the overall impetus of the material itself

* generically it can be said that there are two road to engaging the nagual and that these roads are parrallel to each other and work rather synchronistically or holistically in a mutually supportive fashion

the first is to order and instruct the tonal so that it is determined and prepared for this encounter

the tonal must decide, on its own and with full allowance to refuse, that it is in its own best interest to actively pursue the nagual

then it must take responsibility for this decision and prepare itself for the demands of that encounter

the other is for the tonal to learn to pursue the nagual directly and for the tonal to learn w how to reelax and let go of its control so that the nagual may act and be recognised

this coincides with the areas of study and activity which are designated as The Art of Stalking and the Art of Dreaming

the Art of Stalking is a collection of behavioral techniques, lifestyle choices, and intellectual assertions which have been shown to prepare the tonal for its encounter with the nagual, or, its encounter with eternity

the Art of Dreaming is a collection of techniques or activities which have been shown to engage the nagual directly and which teach the tonal how to allow the nagual to act without shutting it off or perceptually refusing to acknowledge it

everyone has value

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Hunter replied the topic: the Art of Stalking and the Assemblage Point

the simplest and most acccessible definition for the art of stalking is that stalking is the deliberate selection of attitude and behavior

this definition grows and evolves as the further levels of the Description are introduced

*the Description suggests three ways of considering the tonal

*The Broadest Is The Full Spectrum Of What It Is Possible For A Tonal To Be

*the next is the reality of a group of tonals and how eachnsingle tonal represents one individual expression of that potential

*and finally each of us as an individual tonal

my personal tonal is the entirety of what and who i am as an individual human, beginning with the fact that I AM human, and then narrowing down bit by bit until I am pinned precisely into being exactly what I am at this specific moment

when viewed this way it becomes clear that there are elements of my tonal which are demonstrably fixed by the circumstances of my birth and represent inflexible limitations to my inherent potential

beneath these are what could be considered "negotiable parameters" which can be adjusted to a greater or lesser extent by deliberate and thoughtful
selection and emphasis of behavior and thought

the classification scheme.kf precisely which aspects of ourselves can be adjusted in which ways really could go on forever
as it is an inherent tendancy of the tonal to enjoy details and categories

this represents the great value and power of the tonal - it is the part of ourselves that is capable of making sense of the world and making the elements of our perception into manageable and functional units

*the tonal is the only guardian we have against the vastness of an incomprehensible eternity

but its love of catagories and classifications and its importance as a guardian

also represent the greatest and most dangerous traps with which it must contend

because these things inherently open it to the vulnerabilities of endless obsessiveness of minutiae and unhealthy self fixation

to "throw the baby out with the bath water" is a very "tonal" thing to do

and is usually a result of obessive over classification or minutiae or unhealthy self absorbed fixation

the guardian becomes a guard

a guardian is a noble protector fully vested in the preservation and even the betterment of the protected

a guard keeps one isolated and locked in a cage, and tells one its for its own good

*so the tonal must be made to understand the difference
and accept the responsibility of being a guardian and never a guard

also the further the tonal progresses in the art of stalking the more it comes to realize that what it thinks of as itself is really only a matter of perception being fixed in a specific location within its overall potential

the the Sorcerers Explanation is that very nearly evrything we know to be true about ourselves is a matter of our perception being fixed at a specific location

that there is a place in the luminous egg where energy itself is assembled into perception

the Sorcerers Description is that this location actually exists as an observable and changeable point within the luminous egg

and that everything that we percieve is the result of our awareness being fixated
at the enrgetic level
on a precise point of the luminous egg

this js the first time in the presentation of this Description which have used the word "fixation" in an objectively neutral context

well as objectively neutral as the fixation of an individuals subjective perception may be

the Sorcerers description maintains that the more a tonal learns to alter its perception of itself through its behavior and its assertions

the more it will become convinced that its deeper truth is not that it IS this or that

but that it PERCIEVES ITSELF TO BE this or that

and that this is a result of its attention or awareness being being fixated on a precise point where energy is assembled into perception within the luminous egg

this point is refered to as the assemblage point

because it is seen to be the place where perception is assembled

the Sorcerers Description is that this is all observable and corroberable energetic fact

*the Sorcerers Explanation is that it doesnt matter if it is observable or corroberable fact because it is a functional description which provides one with a functional framework for self actualization

understanding this part of the Description and the Explanation alters the definition of the Art of Stalking

the Art of Stalking is to use ones behavior to move or alter the location of the assemblage point

again the simple and accessible definition is thst stalking involves deliberately selecting ones behavior so as to achieve predetermined results

an example of this is to exercise so that one may be strong

so with being strong as the goal, or the goal as being that the tonal will fully percieve itself as having become strong

the Art of Stalking is to use ones behavior and thoughts as tools to STALK the prey of becoming strong

or to use ones behavior and thoughts so as to cause a deliberate alteration to the reality that one percieves

or to use ones behavior and thoughts to cause a deliberate change in the location of ones assemblage point

everyone has value

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Hunter replied the topic: the resources of the tonal

sorcerers say that there are two phases in the apprentices instruction in the Art of Stalking

the first phaze is when the tonal is introduced to stalking and must come to terms with stalking standing only on its own resources

the tonal has no frame of reference besides itself

the nagual is incomprehensible, and in any case it is mostly silent
and for the majority of the population it is mostly disregarded and explained away as something else when it does speak

so the aspirations of the tonal are always aspirations with itself as the frame of reference

for example

first the tonal is introduced to the idea of being physically strong

*the tonal thinks jt likes this idea, but it cant be sure because it has no internal frame of reference to judge if it is a good idea or not

so then it starts looking at other tonals to decide

*lacking its own internal frame of reference

the tonal compares itself to other tonals it is close to

and then compares itself to tonals it knows about

and then considers the value of physical strength in a relative sense to them

can it be achieved in a meaningful way? are the realistic results worth the effort?
ect ect

if it decides the answer is yes then it must go about the proccess of stalking its goal in as an intelligent and systematic way as.possible

all it has are its own resources
and its evaluation of other tonals

an adaptable and commited tonal will learn from other tonals who have achieved the goals it is after

and condense their efforts into the most direct set of behaviors possible and will achieve results in short order

a less resourceful or less commited tonal will take longer and achieve less, all in proportion to how the tonal has developed and what it has required of itself up to that point

and all on its own resources

*examples of the degrees of what a tonal may achieve on its own resources can include such things as special forces operators and legendary swordsmen, olympians and professional athletes, presidents astronauts and television and movie stars

all of these people represent successful tonals and therefore skilled or naturaly talented stalkers

to turn yourself into a millionaire without using the nagual is an accomishment of a tonal stalking the millionaire perceptual experience, using its own resources

next post will have some specifjc techniques which stalkers use to prepare the tonal for engaging the nagual and for stalking of the perceptual experience it determines upon

everyone has value

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Hunter replied the topic: the second phase of stalking

very quickly i will mention again that there are two *phases to the art of stalking and that the first is when a tonal is in pursuit of purely "tonal" goals which are worthy or unworthy for purely "tonal" kinds of reasons

*and that success or failure is predicated on purely tonal resources

these goals are rational (relative to the individual tonal) and *have only the tonal itself or other tonals as its reference point (which still translates as the tonal having no real frame of reference aside from itself)

*the second phase of stalking is when the nagual is engaged

*now there is a new frame of reference

at this point the tonal will still be the one who *pursues or stalks the goal
and the tonal will still often have reasons which appeal to it

*but the introduction of the.nagual changes the parameters and the nature of goals to a nearly incomprehensible degree

*to stalk the perceptual experience of being a millionaire or a navy SEAL is very a tonal sort of goal

also it represents the very best kind of goal for a tonal *to have for itself, namely a goal predicated on its own best understanding of excellence and what it means to achieve excellence

to stalk the perceptual experience of being an owl *however, is an example of the kind of goal a tonal may pursue when the nagual is engaged

everyone has value

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Hunter replied the topic: impeccability of the warrior

*the nagual is associated with the unknown and the unknowable, it is characterised by mystery and awe.
also with impersonal
vastness which can swallow one if unprepared

*the methodology for pursuing and engaging the nagual is known as the Art of Dreaming

the lifestyle used to exemplify the pursuit of the nagual is known as the Path of Knowledge

before moving further into the topic of the nagual it will be orderly to present the topics of the tonal and the Art of Stalking in a deliberate and thorough fashion

this is in keeping with the first rule of stalking, which is that stalkers stalk themselves

*and the first abstract goal of the tonal, which is to deliberately arrange itself so that it lives in a thorough and orderly fashion

the tonal is associated with the known, and is characterised by rationality and order logic and reason.
also with the risk of obsession and self fixation

the methodogy for developing the tonal is known as the Art of Stalking

the lifestyle which stalkers use to exemplefy a proper tonal, a tonal which is prepared to meet with composure and poise the demands of the nagual, is refered to as the Warriors Way

the Warriors way is the only path recognised by sorcerers to instill the attributes necessary to maintain oneself in midst of infinity

the first tenent of the Warriors Way is the impeccability of the warrior in his last battle on earth; the battle with his personal death

the warrior is acutely aware of his responsibility to be impeccable because she is preparing to subject her life to the vicissitudes of war

within the context of war
every single act thought and decision can be seen to have a positive or negative effect on the probability of survival - and even if one is perfect it is an accepted fact that one is not to any degree guaranteed to survive

in the context of war the simplest things are viewed from the perspective of their effect on the likelihood of survival.

life and death hang in the balance of every decision

from ones appearance and selection of equipment, to ones professionalism and relationships with ones collegues

to the very act of travel from one location to another

even the food and the amount of food that one eats

every single thing is measured from a perspective of personal responsibility in the presence of ones personal death

and the resolution that at some point which cannot be known until it arrives that some or other of ones decisions are going to result in one facing ones death.

it should be highlighted that this is not to say that one is resigned to actually dying

it is an inevitable reality that one will die eventually and therefore it is mature to resolve oneself to this, but a warrior is not generally resolved to accept death willingly simply because it is inevitable

rather a warrior is resolved to battle against death with every breath of power in ones body and with every resource at ones disposal

knowing full well that one must lose, one is yet resolutely determined that he will not lose TODAY
and therefore fights with abandon fully commited to win what may be his very last battle on earth if he does not bring the full scope of his abilities to the moment

this is the impeccability of the warrior in his last battle on earth, the battle against his personal death

*this is the single most important lesson of the warriors way

*when one has learned to apply this lesson to every moment of ones life then one can be said to have mastered the way of the warrior

the complamentary balance to DOING ones utmost in every moment
*is that one cultivate the commitment to equally BE ones utmost best at every moment

the idea here is that by BEING the best of ourselves in the presence of death we eliminate petty *and self absorbed thinking from our relationship with each other and the universe

everyone has value

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Hunter replied the topic: Personal Power and the Sorcerers Explanation

in order to remain impeccable, warriors are given the admonitions to treat every act and every moment as if it were ones last moment on earth

for a warrior on the path of knowledge every act and every moment ought to be viewed as a challenge.
every moment
and there are no good or bad challenges, only challenges we face in the presence of our inevitable death

the standard for the warrior is to notice everything at all times. to be perenially aware and awake. to remain in a state of mindfulness

the challenge for a warrior is to be fluid and adapt immediately without undue fuss or personal resentment to ones circumstances

a stalkers task of continual application is LOSING SELF IMPORTANCE

the Sorcerers Explanation is that self importance is really self pity in disguise
this can be corroborated by the sustained commitment to never feel sorry for oneself for anything at any time
this means to not feel sorry for oneself in relation to ones feelings or for how one is treated as well. once a person has commited to dropping every manifestation of self pity it becomes clear that it is indeed the source of self importance

to value oneself or to belive in ones light is not the same as self importance

an easy way to look at self importance is to consider it as the constant need to get ones way and to have ones greatness recognised and admired
:or the constant refusal to assert oneself in a healthy way

over fixation on self reflective judgement is another way to understand self importance

the Explanation insists that emotion and attention are personal energy which we can spend on anything we choose but only if that energy is free and not already being spent on something, and that self importance, or obsessive and distracting fixation on self reflection constitutes the single largest active energy drain for every unmindful tonal

everyone has value

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