Spiritual Economics? Relevant xkcd within:

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Connor created the topic: Spiritual Economics? Relevant xkcd within:




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Jax replied the topic: Re:Spiritual Economics? Relevant xkcd within:

Actually oil companies did use dowsing in early years. But it only works for the easy stuff which is long gone.

Many types of healing is used by people but we have a system where drug companies only do what they can profit from.

Here's a counter example. Acupuncture. It's considered a standard medicine in china with scientific studies and all that. But in the US most view it as placebo at best. This comic suffers from its own bias and blindness which is common in science.

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Kol Drake replied the topic: Re:Spiritual Economics? Relevant xkcd within:

I have seen this poster 'argument' before... and it still ends up trying to compare apples to oranges in many of those categories... which does not wash imo.

Crystal Energy does not mean 'free electricity' as implied by the poster.
If anything, they should be listing 'zero point energy' and saying, why hasn't anyone tapped THAT for universal, free energy?
(Why? Because we have not 'discovered' the key yet which will allow us to do that. Hence, physics keeps looking.)

Relativity means GPS Devices?
What the heck does that even mean? The concept put forth by Einstein has nothing to 'do' with pinpointing locations on the surface of a planet. Better POSITIVE argument should be the 'lunacy of shooting electronics into high orbit into space' and suddenly we have 'world wide coverage for cellphones, television, radio AND GPS pinpoint triangulation.'

Now, I would argue the top two -- remote viewing and dowsing.
The 'Black Ops' work done in the 70s thru 90s showed that remote viewing *did* (and does) work. It takes time and practice and effort -- just like getting better with any other skill. The odd thing about RV is, politicians and certain scientists seem to feel that 'those kinds of work' (RV, telepathy, etc.) must have a HIGHER bar of proof than is expected for standard 'real science'. Decades worth of tests and results show telepathy has a 'positive percentage proof' that is 10 times (and more) that the percentage of 'reliability / proof' of how well certain 'not aspirin' aspirin works for folks. However, since telepathy can't be patented or trademarked or reproduced with a drug (easily), it is considered quackery... because it is not profitable.

Look into the history of Merry Olde England. Dowsing for water and minerals was an accepted practice of the Royal Engineering, Mining, and Dowsing Society. They had huge manuals on 'how to do it' and what to look for and documented their results. Again, decades of folks 'doing' with results. Not 100% perfect but even today's fancy oil companies drill many holes with 'zero results' until they hit a gusher. And that's with the latest and greatest geo surveys and satellite photography and the best minds doing their 'best guesses'. Again, can't patent or trademark a stick and determination. It don't make profit. So, it's considered quackery (again).

Can you tell this button has been pushed before? :P

Someone wants to be all 'logically this is s**t' because it hasn't been taken advantage of on the market.
It makes little to no logic when comparing apples to oranges or ignoring successes because schmuck didn't make a buck on it.
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