What is the nature and essence of God?

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Jax created the topic: What is the nature and essence of God?

I've always found Neale Donald Walsch's Conversations with God to resonate with me. This is a good summary of what he's experienced, and thus informs my view of God and the Force. Since it's short I thought it a good piece to share.


A Note from Neale...

My dear friends...

I am continuing my series of messages on getting to know God. Do you know something? I find it fascinating that the exact nature and form, essence and quality, constitution and character of this thing called “God” continues to be open to debate.

You would think that by now we’d all have been able to agree on this. But in fact, it continues to be a “fault line” - - - one of the biggest divisions among the human race.

One teaching about The Divine —- perhaps the one most often reflected in the doctrine of many religions — describes God as a superhuman male being, with human characteristics and proclivities (anger, love, being judgmental, etc.), but with wisdom, power, and abilities far beyond human capacity, or even human understanding.

In some ancient spiritual traditions pre-dating organized religions, The Divine was portrayed as a feminine goddess.

And while this portrayal has been brought forward and is held as true even today in certain spiritual movements, the rendition of a male Deity with all those male proclivities - - - including, by the way, the proclivity to violence - - - has been by far the most prevalent.

Now comes The Great What if . . .
What if God is neither male nor female — and not even a human-like Super Being at all?

Would it make a difference? Does it matter? In the overall scheme of things, would it have any significant impact in our planetary experience?

You bet it would. First, it would pull the underpinning from a story still lived across the globe — which is the story of male supremacy.

It is no coincidence that most major religions are still run by men. It is no coincidence that the world’s largest religion and one of the world’s fastest growing religions, still did not allow women in their priesthood as of 2014.

It is no coincidence that — minor deviations in this regard notwithstanding — men still pretty much rule the corporate and financial world.

It is no coincidence that to this day men continue to dominate the global political scene.

It is no coincidence that even in medicine, science, and academia, men continue to vastly outnumber women in places of highest influence, impact and authority.

And it is no coincidence that even where women DO rise to the level of men in some of society’s institutions, they are STILL too often paid less than their male counterparts for doing the same work.

If we thought that God was NOT a male, our whole idea of power, might, and glory would be more widely considered to be feminine, as well as masculine, traits.

Our depictions of God would not be exclusively of a man with flowing white hair and a flowing white beard in a flowing white robe. Imagine an illustrated Bible with a picture of a female Goddess in it.

What would that tell our children?

And what if we thought that God was not even a person?

What if we relinquished the idea of God as a male OR a female?

What if we accepted as truth the idea that God is not a larger version of human beings at all; not a “person” in any sense of the word?

Would that change things in our global expression of spirituality, in our day-to-day experience of religion?

Of course it would.

It would alter the Father/Child interactions of most of the human beings who believe in God.

It would profoundly affect our understanding of our true relationship with divinity. It would shift our whole notion of how to get what we want from God (if, indeed, we would then think that such a thing was even possible? . . .

. . . and it would alter our whole idea of what, if anything, God wants or needs, demands or commands, requires or requests. And that would change, in one fell swoop, so much human behavior that our species might have a difficult time recognizing itself.

We would become, in short, a different species in terms of not only our deportment, but our objectives and goals, our measures of “success,” our ways of “praying” and interacting with God, and our ideas about where and how we fit into the overall scheme of things.

The search would then begin all over again among the largest number of people to redefine God and overhaul our entire approach to interactions with divinity.

Perhaps it is because this kind of massive overhaul of such a critical part of our human experience feels so ever-whelming that so many people avoid this new search altogether and remain “stuck” in the same old place forever regarding their understanding of Deity.

Whatever the reason, it is questionable if our species is doing itself any good hanging out with ideas about God that are thousands of years old.

God has been telling us from the very beginning, and it is becoming more clear to us every day, that humanity’s Ancient Cultural Story about God being a superhuman male is plainly and simply inaccurate.

It is Okay now to remove this ancient teaching from our current story, and to stop telling this to ourselves and to our children.

God is obviously - - - or perhaps not so obviously, to some - - - not a “Big Guy in the Sky” who sits on a throne and oversees humanity’s countless daily doings, approving some and disapproving others; who hears countless prayers, granting some and denying others; who judges countless souls at their death, rewarding some and punishing others.

God is neither a male nor a female, with the appearance, the qualities and the proclivities of humans, yet with super-natural characteristics, powers and abilities. Such an idea of God is simplistic in the extreme.

What, then is God?

To be continued, next week.

My dear friends... Here is Part 2, the finish of last week.

What, then is God?

Some say this is impossible to know. That is not true. God can be known, and God can be experienced.

God communicates directly with us, as the founders of our religions have shown, and we can communicate directly with God — as every religion that believes in the power of prayer declares. Let me repeat that:

God can be known, and God can be experienced.

Here, then, is what God has communicated, and continues to communicate, to humanity about divinity . . .

God is an Essential Essence that permeates everything, the Prime Source of unlimited intelligence, and the Prime Force of unlimited creation.

God is at once both The Creator and The Created, a Pure Energy that impacts upon Itself. It is First Cause. It is Every Effect. It is the seat of all wisdom, the wellspring of all desire, the fountainhead of all power, and the origin of all reality.

It is, in a single word, Love.

Its wisdom is activated, Its desire is fulfilled, Its power is evinced, and Its reality is fully, grandly, and gloriously made manifest through the experience and the expression of Love.

Does this Essential Essence we call “God” have a personality?


While God’s greatness and God’s magnificence is God’s formlessness, this does not mean that God is not a “personality” to whom we may pray and with whom we may interact. It means, in fact, exactly the opposite.

It is God’s essential formlessness that allows God to assume any form in any moment that it serves the ends of Love for God to assume.

Thus, God can take on the energy of a father’s figure, a mother’s comfort, a friend’s loyalty, a confessor’s compassion, a peacemaker’s courage, a survivor’s strength, a teacher’s patience, a compatriot’s camaraderie, a lover’s intimacy, a beloved’s constancy.

So we see that the fact that God is not, at Its basis, a “bigger-than-life” human being does not mean that we no longer have anyone to pray to . . . or to intercede with . . . or to form a personal relationship with. Quite the contrary.

God can be all things to all people, and if we want a personal God we can pray to, a parent-like God we can ask advice of, or a powerful God we can intercede with, God can and will fill all of those roles for us.

God is all things to all people because God IS all things IN all people.

God is life itself, which is the expression of Love in physical form.

Every expression of life is an expression of Love. It may not appear that way through the eyes of limited perception, but it is surely, profoundly, and eternally true.

And now, let me end this message with the most important revelation of all about God.

God is YOU.

YOU are God.

I Know that you know all of this. I know that you already understand it. And I want to encourage you to USE your understanding even more than you do now.

Use it as a TOOL. Use it as a DEVICE. Use it as your own personal EQUIPMENT as you continue to build your life. And know that the most important way you can use this understanding is to use it as EYEGLASSES.

Let your awareness of the “Divinity of Humanity” be your “ Spiritual Spectacles”, through which you see every human being as a Spectacular Expression of God. When we see each other this way, we will instantly stop treating each other the way we do.

We will see everyone as Who They Really Are….

… a Child of God…

… an Offspring of Divinity…

… the Progeny of the Deity…

One and the Same, part and Parcel of the Sacred and Essential Essence of the Universe.

When we see each other as Sacred, we will treat each other as hallowed, consecrated, sanctified, venerated beings.

And then, if we are lucky, we will see ourselves that way as well. We will look into a mirror and we will see our own holiness, our own revered Presence. And the PRESENTS that our PRESENCE brings to the world.

In that moment, as we look into that mirror, we will know the magic of Life Itself.

Do you know what one mirror said to the other mirror?

“It’s all done with people.”
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Katie (StormyKat) replied the topic: What is the nature and essence of God?

That is fabulous. Thank you for sharing.

I never felt comfortable with the idea of an omnipotent supreme white male "God" that my grade school religion classes and masses taught me. I love the idea that God is something more, that we are all God and that God is all of us. It fits so much better with life and with the core message of the Judeo-Christian religions I have learned about, as well as every other religion I learned about.

:thanks :thanks :thanks

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Jax replied the topic: What is the nature and essence of God?

I totally understand. That's why we recommend these books so much. But, I also know it takes time for people to read books. Sometimes it's nice to just get to the meat of it. :-)

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