Manifestation of Negative Energy

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Katie (StormyKat) replied the topic: Manifestation of Negative Energy

So I went and read WWTF #O. I think I have to go back and read it again. It was simple, but it was also so many new concepts to take in. I do think part of my "problem" is that if you tell me to imagine a ball of energy in my hands and feel the warmth, I panic and think I am doing it wrong when I don't feel the warmth. Kol, you mention that people may feel other things, such as tingling or cold, or whatever. I never thought of it that way. I was always so worried that I didn't feel the warmth and thus must be doing it wrong.

I feel like Luke when he is first asked to lift the Xwing out of the swamp. Yoda tells him to do it, he thinks Yoda is crazy. He tries, but he doesn't believe it can be done. So he does a little but it doesn't go as easy for him as he expects so he gives up and drops the xwing again. Yoda then shows off his super awesome Force powers and shames Luke. (Yes, I am being cheeky, but it is one way that the scene can be looked at.) Later, when Luke tries to use the Force again, he actually believes it can be done because he has seen it in action. Luke and I come from world where there is no manipulation of energy, we are both told that is just crazy superstious stuff (in my case I'm even told it will damn my soul...). So this energy work is a brand new concept that we must learn about, and believe is possible. Perhaps I don't need to believe I can do it, just that in general it is possible to do....
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Kol Drake replied the topic: Manifestation of Negative Energy

Just be open to 'awareness'.

You do not have to assign a 'feeling' or sensation to it... it is what it is and you will learn to notice it as you do. Being a unique individual is part of being part of this whole, crazy cosmos.

Luke and Yoda and the X-Wing...

Look at that moment another way.
Until Luke started to really think about it and let doubt / disbelief set in, he almost had that darn ship out of the water. Note Yoda -- his head comes up and his eyes open wide, impressed that 'the unteachable kid' almost had it up and out.

Not unlike the first 'simulation tests' for Neo in the Matrix movie. But, doubt and disbelief sets in and Neo doesn't make the jump and Luke gives up and lets the ship sink even deeper into the muck.

And still... both finally learned that 'there is more' and became so much more than they had once been.

Give it time. Belief comes from doing. And doing becomes natural.

And any time all the terms (words) get too 'unbelievable', I can work with you to put it into terms which go down easier as far as your beliefs and instincts. Just don't ask me to tell you how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.
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Jax replied the topic: Manifestation of Negative Energy

The process isn't learning to feel energy like someone says to, but to figure out how things feel to you. Sometimes you'll find things written by people who feel energy very easily and their lessons can be hard to connect to because it's so different. I've never felt energy easily. I also don't visualize well, so all those meditations that go into details visuals that you need to imagine don't work for me. (Not saying this is was Kol does, just a general observation as you continue with your training in various ways.)

Perhaps this will help without getting too deep into things. For me, I find the energy feels like magnetic fields. Typically the hands are repulsive, like putting magnets together with the same pole. If you haven't played with magnets in a while, try to find some and do it. This will give you another reference point. Then, follow the basic instructions for an energy ball. Often the instructions only say to imagine things, but that isn't going to create much difference in the energy which is often what people need to sense at first. So, once you feel you have an energy ball of any quality, then start moving your hands toward each other - without touching them. Then move them apart. Do this a few times. Imagine the ball is stretching and shrinking as well. Usually this is when I can start feeling it, if I was having problems with it before. Once you notice anything different, put your hands close together and move them parallel to each other, just a little bit. See what you feel then. Basically, experiment and see what you notice. There's no way to do it wrong. I learned this in my qigong class and found the things I learned there really helped me feel energy. It's something to look into for you. Many times there are cheap classes which can be really interesting. :-)

Also, keep in mind, WWTF is very dense. Don't feel like you should be able to get it all at once, even within a single lesson. Go at the pace you feel is comfortable. Ask Kol questions, you know he'll have answers! hehe And this will help us in developing the new Force series. It's a win-win. Thank you for being open and honest with your struggles. Everyone struggles at some point after all, but not enough are brave enough to admit it. This will serve you well.
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Johannes (Yoshio) replied the topic: Manifestation of Negative Energy

I hope it is okay, but I would like to add a small variation to what Jax described.
When You, StormyKat, do the described exercise, another take on it might be not to imagine that this ball of energy is getting smaller or bigger depending on how You move your hands but instead it stays the same size. So when You move your hands closer together try to feel, imagine or whatever works for You how it would be to actually squeeze a ball. The other way round, when You move your hands apart again try to feel, imagine how it would be like to lose contact to the ball. This might help to find your size of ball. For me this had been one of the first steps before moving on to other, similar exercises. First I needed to find my size of ball as all balls are different as we are.

Another hint might be, I don’t know by heart if it is given in the WWTF lecture or not, first make your hands, your palms more sensitive. Again I don’t know what might work best for You here so I can only give You what does work for me. For me it is good to first rub my hands together till the feel warm. In this way they become more sensitive and it is easier for me to experience the Force or Chi or whatever one wants to call it.

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Brandel Valico replied the topic: Manifestation of Negative Energy

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