What happens after death

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Jax created the topic: What happens after death

I know this medium personally. I've recommended one of her books here, The Priest and the Medium (though she now has others). She is a very grounded medium who came to her gift on accident following the death of her step-daughter, and my dear friend. Her motives are pure.

This article was published today in response to a question of what life was like on the other side of the veil, meaning after physical life ends. The original is posted here: origin.library.constantcontact.com/download/get/file/1103596296368-330/Sanaya+Describes+Life+on+the+Other+Side.pdf
I'll copy/paste if the software allows as well.

What Is Life Like on the Other Side of the Veil?

A Message from Sanaya as received by Suzanne Giesemann

Note: These words were received in a non-stop transmission over the period of one hour and twelve
minutes on July 13, 2014. “This one” or “the channel” refers to Suzanne.

We address ourselves now to the one known as Kenneth Ring, a messenger in his own

There has arisen in him a curiosity about life on the other side of the veil and he
has not known why. Kenneth, we wish you to know now that we have used you to bring
this one, our channel, to a new level of trust and attunement.

Your questions raised in her the awareness of that which lay below the surface: a
dissatisfaction with her lack of knowledge about the other side, and suddenly, much to
her surprise, all of the awareness that had been given to her over the five years of
connecting across the veil is coalescing into a grand picture of life on the other side, as
you call it.

So, allow us to put into words through the English language for the first time the
concepts which this one has known at a soul level, but did not trust herself enough to
put into one great tapestry. Do you see now how you have been used? And we thank

As to the so-called other side, it is not a place, but a state of consciousness. What
place are you in each night as you dream? Can you pinpoint it on your map? Yet it is
very real to you, is it not? The experiences you have in your dreams are very real, very
solid. You move about as you do in human form. There you are, walking about in your
dreams one "moment" (for there is no time in your dreams ... do you not exist in a
timeless state in your dreams in which one second is equivalent to one hour or one year
or one lifetime? You will excuse us if we ramble...) and the next so-called moment,
why, you take off and are flying! It is magical, is it not? This is true freedom. There is
no sense of pain. There is no hunger. Yet, there are emotions. There is a bit of fright
at times, as well as moments of sheer bliss.

Welcome to the first level of consciousness after passing ... but only ... and this is quite
important, if you have passed to the other side having achieved a level of
consciousness that is relative to the mass of human consciousness. In other words,
most of your fellow human beings who have not done much homework in the arena of
raising their consciousness will find themselves in this dreamlike place/state of walking,
flying, eating, singing, studying, playing golf, living in houses, playing a musical
instrument, and all of those other so-called human activities which you enjoy now.
That word "enjoy" is quite important. Why would you eat on the other side, you ask, and
we wish to tell you that it is not for nutrition, but for the sheer enjoyment of it. Would it
not be "heaven" to be able to eat ten of your berry pies and not blow up like a big, fat
berry yourself? Yes, of course we have a sense of humor. Why do you think we have
linked you and the channel together? (For the humor you so enjoy)

And so, returning to the subject at hand, if you always wanted to sky dive, and you
arrive on the other side at the first-level-of graduation consciousness, why then you sky
dive at will. The airplane magically appears, and perhaps it is flown by your best friend
from high school who always wanted to be a pilot. And when the time comes to jump
out of the plane, why, you don't even need a parachute and you feel no fear. It is quite
the thrill, and you realize, "I am creating this! I am controlling this dream!"

And therein lies the key. The more of these realizations you have that you are creating
your experiences and that creation is instantaneous, the less you need to hold onto this
lower level of human-like consciousness. Your parachute disappears first, and then
your flight suit, and you find yourself naked, and do you know what? You are not
embarrassed, for you realize, "Wait a moment! This body is no more real than my
parachute! I no more need this body than I need a parachute!" But you still wish to
have form, and so you now don a white robe. Or perhaps you have always liked purple.
It matters not. The meaningful point here is that you have just moved up a notch and no
longer need your "human suit."

You have now graduated to the next level up on the ladder of consciousness. You
dress in robes (but only if your consciousness wishes to differentiate yourself from the
others you now find about you in robes). And what are you doing there "all day" (in this
environment in which the sun never sets, yet in which you do not see the sun -- there is
simply an ever-present warm glow that you feel as much as you see)?

You and your robed friends no longer eat, for you have finally satisfied those human
desires for simple pleasures and instant gratification. You have now realized that
gratification is the result of simply knowing who you are. You know who you are -- a
being in a state of being, and you experience gratitude and the awareness that you are
love. You now want nothing more than to share that love with others and to help them
rise to the level you have achieved. You realize that this is what "it" is all about -- this
experience of differentiated consciousness. You realize that you have arisen from the
sea of undifferentiated consciousness, but you are not yet ready to return fully to that
state. You have work to do.

You now take on a mission of a higher kind. You become a spirit guide to others, or
perhaps you help those who have recently passed over, or perhaps you minister to
those who have taken their own lives. You may help those who find themselves at the
sub-levels of human consciousness --- those who never did fully grasp the concept of
love whilst in human form and perpetuated acts of so-called evil. They are not left to
feel their remorse alone. You may decide to stand silently at their side to let them know 3
that when they are ready to face their actions they will be guided gently and lovingly to a
higher level.

And as you do this work you are rewarded, for the same law that is in effect at the
human level comes into play: you reap what you sow. You have now done a tour of
duty in this level. You make a choice as to how you can benefit the whole in the
greatest capacity. As your learning increases and your growth increases along with it,
you are "rewarded" by your own actions and you move up the ladder as it were.
Now you no longer need a robe. Now you are pure light. Now you circulate more freely
amongst those at the other levels. You may visit those in the human consciousness
realms on particular missions, or at the other levels. You may be seen as an orb or as
an angel. Those with eyes to see will see your glow. Your fellow lights know you by the
particular glow or vibration of your light, and so, you see, you have no need for names
or clothes. What do you do all day? You are. You love. By your very presence you
raise the consciousness of the whole. You teach. You glow. You need not DO
anything. Your environment is not an environment. You no longer have need for
houses, or schools, or music, or things. Your music is the vibration of love. It is all
around you and you know it as you. Yet still, you know there is more. There is the
entirety of all that is you.

Now, we wish to explain that one does not necessarily rise through the ranks, as it
were, in a linear fashion. Life is like a spiral. Growth occurs in this spiral fashion. You
are not actually slipping backwards should you decide to have another go at it as a
human, for you will return to human form vibrating at a higher level and taking back with
you more love than the last time you incarnated. And so it is when you leave. Over and
over you may return to that state of consciousness immediately following loss of the
human body where there is form and structure and clothing and berry pies, until one day
you have risen high enough on the spiral that you decide you are ready to take it to the
next level. And that is how it goes ... spiraling, spiraling at the exact pace that is right
for your soul.

There is no competition with other souls. There is no race. There is no judgment or
comparison. There is blending, however ... blending of soul energy the higher you go,
like a pyramid (picture, if you will, your food pyramid or your Maslow's hierarchy as a
spiral within a triangle, rising, blending, coalescing, all of you, until you reach the
pinnacle of "existence" and MERGE. Can you FEEL this? Close your eyes for a
moment and merge with your very Self.

That state of perfect blending with All That Is lies within all of you always. It is the
recognition of this, your Source, your Essence, that keeps you--all of you--moving ever
onward and upward along the spiral.

And so, consciousness creates your reality. What is your state of consciousness now?
Then that will be your reality the moment you pass to the other side. Do you have
attachments to food and music and things and people? Then you will need to surround 4
yourself with those things when you get to the other side, and so it will be. Do you
expect nothing but darkness? Then that will be your experience, but only for a brief
time, until one of the beings of light standing at your side helps you to open your eyes
and see the light.

Have you achieved the state of consciousness where you realize now that you could
live very well without food and music and things, but you very much appreciate them?
Do you realize now that you are the love you seek? Do you want nothing more than to
help your fellow man? Do you feel compassion and understanding for all of your fellow
beings, no matter their transgressions in this lifetime? Why then, our friend, we daresay
you will jump to the head of the class, catapulting right over the heads of those souls
sitting in classrooms on the other side, right past those falling out of perfectly good spirit
airplanes, and right past the bakery display cases to live amongst the robed beings, or
perhaps like the one known as Wolf you will go directly to the realm of the angels and
carry on your learning and your good works.

You create your own reality ... here, now, and in every now-moment that follows, for
now is all there is.

This one did suddenly allow into her consciousness the seed of doubt that, oh my
goodness, we are addressing a foremost expert in near death experiences. And we
remind her now of the Source of these words. And we assure her that these
descriptions and these explanations are consistent with your findings, Kenneth Ring,
even though this one, the channel, has not the depth of knowledge you do in this
regard. She does not need it. We have been bringing to her for five years now beings
from each of these levels we have described.

Allow us to digress a moment and tell you that the levels are not clearly delineated as
many would desire. We will not number them or label them precisely, although we have
attempted to do so somewhat with a bit of humor to satisfy your human curiosity and
desires to stratify and quantify and qualify ... but these different experiences are simply
notes on a scale rising every higher ... different tones of vibration with specific
experiences pertaining to each note. What song are you singing now? That will be the
song you hear when you pass from your physical body.

Returning to the mediumship ... this one has met up with beings who have passed, each
one from each of these so-called levels. Some have told her, "I am in recovery after
taking my life. I am in a sort of sanitarium, surrounded by helpers." Others have shown
her that they are working with children. Others have told her that they are enjoying
reading every book available in a vast library of knowledge. Others have not told her
anything, but revealed themselves as beings of light and love.

We share this information now to be used for the greater good, which is the only reason
to do anything, is it not?

We wish you goodnight.
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David (Phoenix) replied the topic: Re:What happens after death

Interesting.....I'm not sure I want to be a ball of light; I'd much prefer to be a spirit guide hahahaha

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Jax replied the topic: Re:What happens after death

Lol it's all a series of choices

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Kol Drake replied the topic: Re:What happens after death

Must be something about this time of year / phase of the moon... I was re-reading an old site two nights ago which touches on the 'levels' beyond the death of the physical body.

Long story shortened -- the fellow who started the Society for Psychical Research, Frederick Myers, died in 1901. For the next 30 years, channelers and psychics got messages, what appeared to be rather cryptic but always ending with 'Myers'. A team put all the messages together, finding that one would reference the next -- even if they were 'given' to persons across the country or the oceans. Turns out the 'deceased' Frederick Myers, who was once a professor of classics at Cambridge University in England, was sending messages describing as best he could 'the other side'.

Much of what was presented above tends to agree with what was received over those 30 years.

Those folks who are not 'ready to give up' their habits, 'sins', compulsions -- they tend to be those spirits/consciousness which hang around and try to connect with those folks who will feed their need... be it gluttony or greed or ... whatever. There are those as noted before, who make it to the area I tend to see as -- the 'place' depicted in the movie, What Dreams May Come, with Robin Williams. What you 'think' is the reality you experience... be it 'heavenly' or self imposed 'hellishness'.

Some of the spirit guides/teachers or those claiming to be a bit more than they are (ego can still come into play -- even 'there'), are from this level or a tad higher. These are the ones most can contact easily enough.

Higher still -- you run into the more enlightened consciousness and there are more even higher still -- though 'they' (if you can call energy/conscious 'they'), tend to be less connected to the emotions, worries of physical folk and affairs on Earth and are kind of working on more cosmic concerns.

All this also agrees with information given and experienced by a group who worked on 'making contact' several times a week back in the late 90s/00s. It all dovetails fairly well, imo.

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Kol Drake replied the topic: Re:What happens after death

Here is what Myers 'describes' --

The Planes of Existence
After death a person enters a second, intermediate plane of existence. This is familiar from descriptions of near-death survivors who pass through a tunnel towards the light that is the third plane. As they go, memories of their entire past lives flash before them. If this contains sinister episodes and terrifying experiences, these will drift by the person's vision along with the more joyful happenings. Some persons begin at this stage to feel what is called "the earth pull, the birth pull" and the person may decide immediately to return to the earth plane. For others, they may not reach the light and remain in unconsciousness. But for most, stage two is brief and is followed by entry into a more stable world called "the plane of illusion." According to Myers, after death, most of us can expect to enter this realm. Although extraordinary, this world will not seem strange, for our dreams and our earth life will have prepared us for it. Dreams, although manufactured mysteriously by our minds, seem very real. The world of the third plane is similar, except that the 'dreams' are completely objectified.

The third plane, according to Myers, consists of a subtle form of matter which is responsive to the individual's emotion and thought. And because human beings come there after years of mental and emotional immersion in earth life, the worlds their minds create are based entirely on earthly memories and desires. The worlds of the third plane are created by thought, and so are at the same time subjective and objective. The process may be either conscious or unconscious, depending on the state of awareness of the being. In either case, what is created is based on one's deepest desires - for pleasure, for beauty, for the familiar, and the fulfillment of one's beliefs. According to Myers, people who are close to one another, and who have similar tastes and inclinations, come together in little communities where their entire world is mutually constructed. Those of a more solitary temperament may build their own worlds. Often the real nature of these thought creations is completely unknown to their creators, who simply find themselves in a world where every desire is gratified. This world, then, is a depiction of the 'heaven' or 'paradise' of the ancient theologies.

Sometimes living persons have had a preview of this plane in out-of-the-body experiences, maybe during sleep or at times of extreme threat to the body's survival. Because this 'heaven' is based on earth desires, it is a far cry from the pallid and etherealized afterlife depicted in conventional religious prints. For example, a recently-dead alcoholic may find himself surrounded by liquor in a favourite drinking environment, surrounded by congenial companions who may be other dead alcoholics or simply self-created thought-forms. Because such a person desires prolonged drunkeness, this is exactly what he will experience.

Thus the third plane is a paradise for voluptuaries. Those with intense sexual interests may have their desires gratified, surrounded by orgiasts similarly committed to the pleasures of sexual adventure. Ascetics are generously supplied, by their own minds, with bread and water. The newly-dead are utterly enchanted by this paradise. And because on this plane what is created depends entirely upon earthly tatstes, wedded to the scope and power of the creator's imagination, an almost infinite variety of different worlds can be effortlessly formed and dwelt within. This if course explains the tremendous variety of after-death descriptions received through mediums and near-death experiences related by survivors.

But there is a strange kind of limitation to this world. The effortless satisfaction of any desire can enchant for a time, but eventually it begins to bore. A sense of dissatisfaction arises, a desire for some kind of effort or challenge in contrast to this world lacking in adventure beyond trivial games, because one is not fulfilling one's higher goals. And this, in fact, seems to be the major evolutionary purpose of the third plane - to partially exhaust the possibilities of creation and desire at the level of earthly matter. At this point - which may be arrived at very quickly or after a great deal of 'time' - the individual may choose to ascend to the fourth plane, if it has become real for him due to his further development and insight, attained through experience of earthly life, bodily death and life on the third plane. Before leaving, however, the more enterprising souls may choose to experience one of the great wonders of this plane of consciousness - to view desired sections of The Akashic Record. Just as on earth one may go to a library and see newsreels of important earth events of history, so on the third plane, one may witness any event that occurred from the beginning of existence. Everything that has ever happened has been recorded by the cosmic memory. Of course, great lessons are there to be learnt.

The alternative is to choose to reincarnate again on earth because of needs that can only be fulfilled there. To help him clarify this decision, the individual undergoes a kind of karmic 'review' - similar to and yet in a way crucially different from - the 'life review' he experienced immediately following death. The individual relives the incidents of his previous life once again but this time re-experiences the emotions he felt at the time; and simulataneously he experiences the emotions of the other persons who were involved. In other words, the torturer becomes, simultaneously, both torturer and victim. It would be difficult to imagine a more instructive and chastening experience than this. He is assisted in this by a spiritual guide, who being from a higher plane, is able to perceive the subject's experiences and repressed feelings, and project them back to him. Myers writes:

"The individual is a spectator and perceives the episodes in the past existence. He becomes aware of all the emotions roused in his victims by his acts. No pain, no anguish he has caused has perished. All has been registered. His soul becomes gradually purified through his identification with those who suffered as a result of his acts or inactions."

This experience appears to result in enlightened decisions about the nature of the next life the individual will live, with new purposes based on the lessons he has leaned from all his experiences. This, then, is taken into the next incarnation.

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Kol Drake replied the topic: Re:What happens after death

More Myers --

The Higher Planes
Myers calls the fourth plane, "the world of idealized form," and when one attains this level, all desire for an earth existence is gone. Here one dwells in a realm from which no traveller returns to earth. Consciousness and existence are more intense than anything we know. This is a world of magnificent, unimagineable beauty in which the mind learns the ultimate mastery of form. Using substances, light and color unknown on earth, the mind, now god-like in its powers, learns to create an infinite variety of forms having beauty of an ultimate, unsurpassable quality. One leaves behind all rigid intellectual structures and dogmas, be they scientific, religious, or philosophical. Spiritual beings find a much wider freedom to function with more highly energized intellect and creativity, presenting challenges that are not competitive but far more fulfilling.

Since Myers had not progressed beyond the fourth plane at the time of his communication, his accounts of the higher levels of consciousness beyond this are less detailed and more speculative. He seems to have picked up enough hearsay, however, to outline with some confidence the general nature of the further advance.

If on the fourth plane the soul becomes free from the earth pull, the soul is qualified to experience cosmic ranges beyond earth's confines. One of these ranges is the next plane, the "plane of flame," in which the being explores the physical universe beyond the earth, and thus completes its knowledge of matter.

In the fifth plane, one acquires a body of flame, enabling him to tour the stellar universe without being harmed by its temperatures and turbulence and to return with a fuller experience of these cosmic reaches.

The sixth plane is the "plane of light". Individuals on this plane are matured spirits, having lived through, with conscious understanding, all the aspects of the created universe and wrought every variety of mentally-created form. They are capable of passing beyond matter and form, of existing as white light, as pure thought.

But one step now remains - the final passage to the ultimate plane of being, the achievement of the last goal on an infinitely long path of personal evolution.

It is important to remember at this point that Myers was not a religious man. His lifelong commitment was to experience, and to the teachings of experience. What he reports from beyond the grave he has either experienced himself or been told of by those more highly evolved than he. Myers called this last goal the seventh plane, and he said that when one enters it, he becomes a part of God. He writes:

"The final stage of evolution baffles description. It is heart-breaking even to attempt to write of it. You dwell not only outside of time but outside of any universe, on this last plane of being. It might be described as the passage from form into formlessness, an existence which has no need to express itself in a shape, however tenuous, however fine. The soul who enters that seventh state passes into the Beyond and becomes one with God."


Now, seven levels sounds like matching to the seven chakras to me -- but I may be making assumptions way beyond my pay grade. In other texts I have read over the years, I have seen some refer to ten levels. Then again, no one else has 'come back' to make a detailed report (yet).

Interesting that channeled information from the early 1900s, a group channeling in the late 1990s/2000s, and again, this particular person presented by Jax... all tend to agree on the essentials. Maybe there is something to it all.
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Omni replied the topic: What happens after death

Thanks Jax. Love it.

"You create your own reality ... here, now, and in every now-moment that follows, for
now is all there is."

Double love it :lol:

NOW is where I strive to be
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Jax replied the topic: Re:What happens after death

Certainly Kol. ;-)

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