An Introduction to Access Consciousness

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Jax created the topic: An Introduction to Access Consciousness

Access Consciousness and the Clearing Statement
There are many healing modalities in the world. The more you look, the more you find. I’ve been searching for a while, so I take note when something is new. When it’s also easy I really pay attention. Recently I learned about a system called Access Consciousness which is both new and easy.

I haven’t taken a real course yet, which is much more in depth than I’ve learned at this point, but I’d like to share what I’ve learned. If it feels good to you, I recommend looking on the website for classes near you. If you find either a Clarity Night or Access Bars Gifting and Regifting near you, try it. I learned an immense amount in the Clarity Night which I’ve applied often. And the healing experience of Access Bars is interesting, but isn’t something I can do to myself or others, which is why I’ll focus on the other element - clearing statements.

I’m going to utilize information from the website as much as possible since I don’t trust my own understanding yet. Ironically enough, if an Access facilitator heard me say that, they would say to clear that feeling and trust myself, because that is one of the benefits of Access, which is to get in touch with our larger wisdom. However, on to the official statement. ( )

“The purpose of Access is to create a world of consciousness and oneness. Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing. It is our target to get you to the point where you receive from Access the awareness of everything, with no judgment of anything. If you have no judgment of anything, then you get to look at everything for what it is, not for what you want it to be, not for what it ought to be, but just for what it is.
Consciousness is the ability to be present in your life in every moment, without judgment of you or anyone else. It is the ability to receive everything, reject nothing, and create everything you desire in life - greater than what you currently have, and more than what you can imagine.”

The way Access creates awareness without judgement is the use of clearing statements.
“The Access Consciousness™ Clearing Statement is this little piece of magic that allows you to change anything (and everything!) when you use it.
The Access Consciousness™ Clearing Statement asks your consciousness to return to the point of creation (or point of destruction), before you even planted the seed to this limitation, and invites the seed to dissolve… and everything that had you stuck or stagnating dissipates in seconds! Would you be willing to have change show up with this much ease?“

To elaborate, the seed is energy. When judgement arises, energy accompanies it. We can try to logic our way out of judgement, but it rarely works because the energy is still there. How do we clear the energy? Personally I’ve tried grounding my energy, drawing in energy from the Force, relaxing, setting my intention... sometimes these work, other times they don’t. When they don’t, it’s nice to have another technique. The clearing statement fits the bill.

So what is the clearing process? The way I learned it begins with a question. This is the element I’m least practiced with, but listening to a facilitator helps immensely. So I stick to a simple question my first facilitator taught me. “Whatever ‘this’ is (this energy, these feelings, etc) that is interfering with what you desire, are you willing to destroy and uncreate it times a godzillion?” You’ll find you either say yes, because you are, or you may say no, you aren’t ready to deal with it. If the answer is no, that’s ok. Hopefully you can come back to whatever is holding you back later so you can move forward. But, if you say yes, the answer is followed with the clearing statement which is a set of keywords and abbreviations that relate to different forms the energy takes to contribute to your situation.

When working on your own, as we typically are, Dr. Dain Heer presents another form which I use a variation of (having not heard this variation until today). He asks, “What energy, space, and consciousness can I be, to have total clarity and ease with all of this?” “Everything that doesn’t allow this to show up, I now destroy and uncreate it.” My personal variation is a simple variation on the original question I wrote. “Whatever is holding me back from ‘this’, I destroy and uncreate times a godzillion.” The exact wording isn’t critical, just the feeling of wanting to destroy the energy that holds you back. However you start, you finish with a clearing statement.

This statement is:

Right, wrong, good back, POD, POC, all 9, shorts, boys, and beyonds.

Now I know how most of you are feeling right now. “What the heck is this, and how can it possibly do anything?!” I was there as well the first time I saw them. But then, we used the process. And we continued to use the process throughout the seminar. To my surprise, it worked! Ever since, whenever I use the clearing statement, it continues to work. If it didn’t, I wouldn’t waste your time and mine writing this up. ;-) However, it works best when you know what it means, even if you don’t memorize it.

In my opinion, the best way to not only understand the clearing statement but get many examples of how a facilitator formulates a question, listen to the audio at the link below. It’s a 20 minute, audio only presentation from one of the main teachers of Access Consciousness.

For those without the time or inclination to listen for 20 minutes, you’ll learn a bit by listening to just a few minutes. There’s also a short video with some of this information which you can find at

For those unable to listen to either, here’s a short explanation of each of the phrases in the clearing statement.
Right and Wrong, Good and Bad
What’s good, perfect and correct about this?
What’s wrong, mean, vicious, terrible, bad, and awful about this?
What’s right and wrong, good and bad?

(Our beliefs about right and wrong, good and bad are often the largest beliefs holding us back. For instance, if we believe we made a good decision, even if it turned out in a less than ideal way, we won’t be inclined to change it because it was a ‘good’ decision. We may stick with that belief of ‘good’ no matter how long it prevents us from moving forward into something better.
Another example is when we judge something bad or wrong. This is often followed by feelings of guilt. Or we may berate ourselves for making that decision. Yet this process keeps us in the energy of the bad decision and doesn’t allow us to move forward. This part of the statement clears the binary view of the universe and provides new energy to work with.)

Is the point of destruction immediately following whatever you decided. It’s like pulling the bottom card out of a house of cards. The whole thing falls down.

Is the point of creation of the thoughts, feelings and emotions immediately preceding whatever you decided.

All 9
Stands for nine layers of crap that we're taking out. You know that somewhere in those nine layers, there’s got to be a pony because you couldn’t put that much crap in one place without having a pony in there. It’s crap that you’re generating yourself, which is the bad part. The good part is because you created it, you can change it.

Is the short version of: What’s meaningful about this? What’s meaningless about this? What’s the punishment for this? What’s the reward for this?

Stands for nucleated spheres. Have you ever been told you have to peel the layers of the onion to get to the core of an issue? Well, this is it—except it’s not an onion. It’s an energetic structure that looks like one. These are pre-verbal. Have you ever seen one of those kids’ bubble pipes? Blow here and you create a mass of bubbles on the other end of the pipe? As you pop one bubble it fills back in. Basically these have to do with those areas of our life where we’ve tried to change something continuously with no effect. This is what keeps something repeating ad infinitum…

(The keyword refers to a movie with Boys in the title that I’ve forgotten because I never saw the movie.)

Are feelings or sensations you get that stop your heart, stop your breath, or stop your willingness to look at possibilities. It’s like when your business is in the red and you get another final notice and you say argh! You weren’t expecting that right now.

At this point you may be saying, ok, this is interesting, but I can’t remember this. That’s ok, you don’t have to. You don’t need the specific words because once you know about this, you’ve created an energetic connection to it. You can say simply “I’m going to destroy and uncreate this....that thing Jax wrote, or that guy said, or whatever.” I found it fairly easy to remember once I said it a few times. Another shortcut version is to say simply “POC and POD it!” In the end, the words are there to connect us to the intention and the energy.

If you don’t really get it yet, that’s ok. Listen to the audio/video. It makes sense quickly. Or ask me and I can give examples. I’ve experimented with clearing for someone at a distance and that seems to work. I’ve found that whenever I use this, I get lighter. When I’m explaining it to someone else, I really feel it. It’s like the energy amplifies when sharing it with someone else. Even writing this has me feeling lighter. That is why I love this technique. I am a better person when I utilize it. It feels good and resonates as true. In the end, that’s what matters.

For more information, both Gary Douglass, the creator of Access, and Dr. Dain Heer have books. I haven’t read them yet myself, once I do I’ll write reviews. There are also classes. However, for free information you can explore the links below.

Access Consciousness Main Site:
Dr. Dain Heer’s website:

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Dineara replied the topic: An Introduction to Access Consciousness

This was a great read, and while it left me rather confused the audio track solved that completely. It just made so much sense. Not to mention Dr. Heer was a great speaker, it was nice to listen to him. I appreciate people who can transform their words to something that is easily understood by others. I will give this a try and then record the results in my training journal.

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Jax replied the topic: An Introduction to Access Consciousness

I'm glad it helped! This isn't easy for me to explain because I barely know anything and need more experiences to gain my personal understanding, but I feel it's too important and useful to wait until then. He has a ton of youtube videos by the way. I haven't watched any since it's hard to at work, but they're on my list to do. :-)

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