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Manami created the topic: Greetings!

I'm Manami, and still relatively new to the Jedi community - still exploring what all is out here and what people are doing with it in their different ways. I've always been profoundly influenced by the expression of the Force in the Star Wars movies (after seeing the original one in the theaters when I was a child, which tells you approximately how long I've been around). From that early moment of watching Obi-Wan explain it to Luke, it touched on a deep feeling that there was something more out there, beyond the belief systems that were rather roughly forced onto me at an early age (resulting in a lot of fights later down the road). I've spend my life exploring that mystery ever since, and it's led me through a lot of interesting initiatory systems and spiritual movements. The past decade or so has been spent living in the company of martial artists who quite often used Star Wars references to explain Taoist concepts in a form that Americans raised in popular culture could understand better. So it's kinda been a natural progression to start exploring that more in forums like these, now that I'm off on my own after a move, and trying to keep up my training solo in a very lonely place.

A friend recommended that I check out the Institute, and I very much like the emphasis on research and training that I see here. My own areas of research center on the healing arts (physical and emotional), meditation and the art of creating change (social, individual, energetic). I'm a historian/interdisciplinary shade of sociologist by profession, and currently working on a Ph.D. In the "things they would not teach me up in college" department, I've spent nearly three decades now studying mysticism and magick (to use the modern term), to really arrive at a pared down understanding of it as not a supernatural process, but one rooted in applied intent and expanded awareness - a natural process of the body and what is called the "heart-mind". Thanks for the work that has been put into the Institute, and for hosting forums like this, and I look forward to getting to know folks better!
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Johannes (Yoshio) replied the topic: Greetings!

Hello and welcome to the IJRS!
And many thanks for your very interesting introduction. I'm very much looking forward to what You can share with us and how we can be of help for You on your personal Path.

Qui-Gon Jinn: "We cannot control our emotions, but we can decide how we go along with them."
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Jax replied the topic: Greetings!

Welcome Manami, I hope you'll share what you've been learning. There are so many different approaches to energy and mysticism that sometimes all it takes is a different explanation to click with someone.

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