Invitation to Shambhala and How to find Shambhala

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Peter created the topic: Invitation to Shambhala and How to find Shambhala

(I posted this elsewhere 1st and (mostly) just copied for here, should be understood by Jedi folks too)

Invitation to Shambhala and How to find the gigantic force at Shambhala, i will describe in detail what the gigantic force is, u need to experience it though
Anyway, i sought it out, just by wanting to find it (in meditation u put your feelers out for what u seek,using love and logic as a guide) and i always ended up with a wall, i could only sense doors/wall, not see anything

Once a week or so (for a few minutes) i would demand to be let in, one day i really felt i should be let in so when i sensed the wall i pictured things i see in meditation and The Sohar and Energy is Thought to the Power of Seven, in a flash i was in a hall 20m x 30m approx with 20m high ceiling,its vivid!, the floor has black and white tiles, on your right are 2 wooden chairs behind a railing, like the dock in court, although i am a ball of light i take a seat eh eh, it felt like its test time, next to me is another light and i sense he knows my fears and indiscretions,long story,dont try unless u know u are based on The Creations light and Live the Jedi way, i know i sound strange eh eh
The room and the the gigantic force:
At the end of the room is a large clear crystal bowl (Torus shape,very thin clear crystal,it looks empty) about 5 meters across and 2m high aprox
on top of that at first impression i had was a fountain

At first u have no comprehension so need to get closer as it is gigantic rofl
u need to go under an arch then u can look up and see it goes up a long way, its hard to say how high, a half kilometer but could be 2km high or more, (its no scale to anything)

This room is the gigantic force at Shambhala, its round getting thinner as it gets higher

Around the top of the bowl are what look like pearls sitting on a white flower petal/pillow,row upon row going up out of sight,the pearls are as big as a basketball sitting on 1 inch thick fleshy petal like a pillow, they are stacked up on top of each other

the wall only 3m away also has row upon row of the same pearls/pillows going up,stacked

On the right side of the crystal bowl is a pillow so i kneel on it (imagine my body) and a symbol formed in my head, i leaned forward and put my head through the side of the bowl, now i could start to understand what it is and see it vividly,howto use it, it was amazing feelings too

Its an intergalactic meditation complex based on The Creations design, forces of The Creation flow through it too
(a consciousness in each pearl! some very old lights! tens of thousands,since the Suns of the Sun arrived on earth, also robot life forms)
The cool part its not just the folks who live in Shambhala (the Suns of the Sun) anyone from ANYplace is welcome once they reach a certain level of evolution

The part your really going to like is;the pearls, u can join in by going into a pearl

The Masons try and depict the room but dont show the gigantic force, i notice the masons mention 2 empty chairs, thats where u sit even though u are there in thought u need a chair/spot designated when u enter Shambhala, sometimes i sit in body form glowing like the sun,its a symbol,i am seeking wisdom/Love

I know what the masons are and GOT will give Most of them FAST results, they can find Shambhala when the time is right and go from harmless unknowing to a powerhouse of wisdom, i think the anchor they use is incorrect, it should be like the tatoo on Billys hand, like a peace symbol/anchor combo, i will post a pic. There is another group like the masons too (THE Jedi)

Masons just need the teaching,they dont have the knowledge, just basic remnants/symbols.
Symbols dont work much unless you Live the teaching and other things discussed (i never new much about Masons so never got into it) The tile floor and layout the mason apron first came to my mind, they do know symbols i will give em that and they know they have a storehouse BUT they cant access it yet,i didnt look into the masons much until later just out of curiosity as it looks kinda like the room on the apron but its missing the gigantic force part

I know i sound far fetched, i dont say these things to big note myself, i dont want a pat on the back from anyone (its a disease), i want u to know what i know/experience so u can, Thats All, if i tell u about the 5 point or 8 point star then i will be getting freaky! to the power of 49! ;-)

Sometimes i goto Shambhala when i make a discovery, i am a lion who roars in front of the gigantic force,we roar as one force,i have a ball under my right paw, the ball has something very special etched into it, i can get way more freaky than that if u want! eh eh

Howto find Shambhala? study the Jedi way/meditations and Live It, (be a good person) i did it a few months after i saw the Sohar (The Sohar is a ball of light/The Creations Light) seek out Shambhala.

After i saw the Sohar symbols worked really well (information revealed from symbols in meditation), the Sohar i use as a symbol too ;-)
i think when i did numbers 3 to 9 meditation benefited my progress in meditation/visual/travel etc... and finding Shambhala

The capital letter A stands for knowing and you are correct (if u see it)

]Dont forget (Evolution) you fight to the last breath (our last breath dosnt stop us either)
We dont go with anyone when we die,its automatic
Know that You are a Master of Life and Death

Tick tock is that the time,tick tock its the clock i put my light over this lot

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