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Johannes (Yoshio) replied the topic: Just saying hello

I feel happy and honoured that You remember me and thanks for asking, I'm doing okay or actually I should say I'm doing fine and if You are interested in reading more about what is going on in my life, feel free to have a look at my PTD down in the "Living the Jedi Way" section.
As I wrote before, I hardly can imagine what it must be like being in your situation but I fully can understand what You wrote in your last post. For overcoming the mental part, I feel, getting back into the Jedi Community and in general into society should be helpful. I don't know if it would actually be helpful or if it would be more depressing but if You feel like, it might be an idea to give the paralympics are search. Fortunately or unfortunately limitations are more often in our head than they are really existing in the physical world. But I guess this is easier said in my position than it is in yours to believe in it. Anyway, if You want to talk to someone, feel free to contact me at any time.

Qui-Gon Jinn: "We cannot control our emotions, but we can decide how we go along with them."
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Butch Hendricks replied the topic: Just saying hello

I really think that a lot of my problem is that where I live right now, it's very difficult to get outside. I've often wondered how much that affects my feeling separated. Fortunately, into a new apartment that will be allowing me much easier access to the great outdoors. I am close to local shopping, & I will be able to more directly take care of myself. But of course, my ultimate goal is to return to work. And yes, I will be peeking in on your work lol

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Jax replied the topic: Re:Just saying hello

What part of country do you live in now? I know a lot of us find it helpful to occasionally meet with other Jedi in person. Do you have anyone to go to the Force Awakens with?
In addition, I would think reaching out to people to chat with online would be a benefit. You have changed physically. And since this world often defines people by their physical abilities and their jobs, that changes who you are in many ways. We often don't think we define ourselves by our jobs or abilities until there is a big change in that area and we see just how differently we view ourselves. But everything you did in the Jedi community before had nothing to do with your physical body. A group of us use the tools of Access Consciousness that helps destroy those limiting beliefs that pop up and get in the way. One of the tools is asking questions and then clearing the energy that comes up. In this case I would ask, How have I defined myself by my physical body? Everywhere that I've limited what's available to me through those definitions, I destroy and uncreate. Then there's this thing called the clearing statement which is a shorthand way to clear the energy, but for simplicity you can simply imagine sending all that energy out of you, exploding, never to return to you again. And then ask, where have I defined myself by my job? Everything that is I destroy and uncreate. This process of asking questions and destroying and uncreating what comes up clears the energy so we can gain more space of possibility.

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