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Gokan Skyeshadow created the topic: *waves* Indianapolis IN USA

I am not entirely sure what to say here (and I have a tendency to babble on at the fingers when typing free form like this) so I will try to be somewhat brief. I am always happy to answer any and all questions anyone ever has of me no matter the subject or serious/ silly nature of the curiosity. I love being an open book. So if I didn't put something here that you want to know, please ask.

So here's a little about me. I am a 34 year old man living in Indianapolis IN USA. I have been training in my Jedi path for nearly twenty years, though I have been training on my own in so much as I have not trained with Jedi specifically. I was raised on the Native American Pow Wow trail with my mother who taught me how to walk a modified Pagan Green path and my godmother/ Native Elder who showed me the Red path of the people. I was raised and trained in the metaphysics by a community of seers and healers of Bear medicine and shown how to fight and survive with the Wolf clan. I was also raised (partly) by my father and his side of the family in a heavily Christian environment where I explored main-stream Theology. The conflict presented to me by some in that community in regards to the Native aspects of my life, and at times the venomous suggestions about my mother's ultimate fate always struck a dissonant chord with me. So I started exploring more and more iterations of Religion and Philosophy. No matter what Religion, Sect, Cult, or Agnostic/ Atheist dogma I encountered, only The Force seemed to resonate with me personally. I loved aspects of different groups, but the same things that spoke to me from them individually, also was spoken of in teaching of The Force as I understood it. However, deciding to train as a Jedi is not the same as just feeling a connection to what I believed to be The Force.

Those that followed the call of Christianity, didn't all become priests or monks. The vast majority lived normal lives in their trades, but tried to incorporate their religious tenets in to their everyday actions. There are many who feel a connection to The Force, some that may not fully understand what it is they feel the connection to like I did in my exploration phase of life. Some may be devout in an established Religion and integrate the concept of The Force in an interpretation of their main beliefs. But few feel the call to genuinely want to be a Jedi. I liken the call of The Jedi Path to the original historical Christians. They were not necessarily worshipers of Christ, but rather Jewish people that wanted to life more "Christ-like" lives. The heard of the teachings and philosophies that were given from the man that was Christ while he was alive and those way resonated within them to the point that they decided to adopt a new identity and emulate those ways. To me personally, I feel the same way about the Jedi way. The philosophies, ideals, and path that the lore lays out of how a Jedi should comport themselves feels so in-tune with my core values and beliefs, that when I took my first step on the Path I had a beautiful moment of clarity and purpose.

I have spent nearly twenty years on training my mind, body, and spirit in as many ways as I could. I took to the Martial Arts so fervently, that I currently own and operate my own school even while still training at other locations for more skills and challenges. I delved into metaphysical gemology, botany, vision questing, meditation in several forms, and to a much lesser extent channeling. I have devoted much of my time to studying various realms of academia while achieving a college degree and am currently working towards a masters. I have spent years working to get where I am today, and in many ways I feel as if this is all still just the beginning. I was blessed enough that a friend pointed me in the direction of an actual Jedi gathering where I was able to make contact with so many others that had similar stories as my own. I was even blessed to meet a few local Jedi that were starting a group in my hometown that I was able to join. I am happy to say, for the first time in quite a while, I feel a renewed sense of hope and excitement towards my training and the possibilities the future will bring. I will gladly do whatever I can to add what I can to this community and would like to take a moment here to thank all those that have worked so hard within this community to make it what we have today.

Sorry if this was a bit too long-winded. I tend to do that. ^_^

Brandon (Gokan)
Indianapolis, IN USA
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Kol Drake replied the topic: *waves* Indianapolis IN USA

Well met! :welcome

Babbling fingers is no impediment. Even *I* have been known for producing some lengthy 'soapbox' lectures.

Welcome to the site and the community. Sounds like you have a wide and varied background as 'fertile ground' to plant some new, explorative seeds. Have fun. I hope we can bring forth some new ideas (and questions) as you explore the Path.

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Atticus replied the topic: *waves* Indianapolis IN USA

Welcome! I look forward to seeing what your background and beliefs contribute to your Path going forward, and what we can learn from your experiences.

"Right speech is about establishing productive and honest communication that is beneficial to both the speaker and the hearer. . . . Right speech requires the use of truthful, loving words intended to inspire self-confidence, joy, and hope in others." -- The Dharma of Star Wars

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