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Some things to start with. Water is often emotional. Taking an elevator up can represent raising vibrations or evolution.

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As part of my Mystic training, I am relearning to Lucid Dream. Some of my experiences at the Gathering rekindled my interest in defying the physical world's order to go deeper and explore beyond the limitations of our senses. I will probably use this journal to detail my Lucid training and my Dream Interpretation training. It is also on my Knighthood thread.

Um. I really have not had success yet. I am getting a good amount of sleep each night. around 7.5-8 hours. I am doing my awakeness checks. But, it's hard to remember. I should keep checking and try to get up to 20-30 checks a day.

I haven't remembered any dreams lately. So, nothing is in my dream journal yet.

I have also been setting my intention before bed.

I just have to wait for me to begin remembering dreams. Once that stage happens, then I think I will go back to Lucid Dreaming fairly quickly and easily.

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