Sinistra's Dream Log

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Yes, but my point is a general one either way. :-)

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The previous night I had two interesting dreams in a row.
In the first one I went into that flat from which I believed at a young age that there is a secret passageway between the two corridors in one of the stairs. I saw a guy coming out from his apartment and asked him.if he knew about this passageway. He said to me that there is the door in front of me and told me to open. I did it so and what I saw behind it was ridiculous kinda and weird, too. I saw a huge pool full of water and people, but not just the water but the floor was full of water, too. I met my classmate there who invited me together with few other people to go to swim and play with them. They said i can go in with full clothes. I did so but after a while I realized that clothes disturb me in swimming so I took them off all.
One of the guys asked me : "Doesn't it bother you that people are staring at you?" I shrugged and said no, and continued swimming.

My other dream took place in the same area. Someone with a monster threatened the innocent people there so I wanted to go and save people, but suddenly I killed accidentaly the master of the monster. After that I said: "Hey. Join me please, he didn't like you the way you deserve. I will be much better master of you." But the monster didn't listen to me, but didn't hurt me either. He just kept staring at me with his angry eyes.

The dream I had at last night was weird and terrible at the same time. I very rarely have nightmares and they usually aren't that scary - sometimes I consider scary dreams only to be strange and am not scared about them all - they are rather sad and bizarre in a bad meaning. So in nutshell it wasn't that usually eventful, it was about that I had serious depression or other kind of mental illnesses and my friends took me to a strange-looking hospital where doctors bombarded me with a throng of antidepressants. After that I felt "better" than my depressive state but I was conscious enough to know tgat the reality I sensed was only through the eyes of medication and everything I saw, felt, sensed that time, was merely an illusion, a lie. This realization shocked me very much and I was even more sad than ever. It was a really terrible dream. :(

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