A long time ago...

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David (Phoenix) replied the topic: Re: A long time ago...

In my opinion...we are in the star wars universe.  Just in a time period that isn't recorded in any story book or movie. 

its the beginning, the TRUE beginning of the Jedi.  You guys are right they started out as philosophers and thinkers of a bigger idea and a higher power.  they relied on eachother and eventually formed the Jedi we know in the books and movies.  We are the kindle for the fire. 

what we dont know is how that occured.  it could have been one momentus movement or a progression of centuries of hard work and dedication.  Also who said that the first Jedi were truely "one" with the force or that there powers could be "detected".  In fact, and i think i'm wrong actually, that detection thing was just part of Lucas' idea to create some enemies, villians, etc.  The temple and the Jedi believed everyone was par tof the force, so it would be contradictory to believe that some were NOT 'force adept'.  Some just needed to work harder than others...Read "Dark Rendezvous: A Clone Wars Novel" to see what I mean.


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