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What's so terrible about getting into a chatroom with other Jedi even if they are unfamiliar?  Being a Jedi is about facing fears, and realizing they are empty illusions.  I do understand time limitations, and waiting on an empty chat room is frustrating, but also understanding that most of the people running this Jedi group don't just live on their computers, but actually have very busy lives.  I agree that a scheduled time to come together in a chat room would be the best solution.

I also think that while instant messenger can be fun for getting to know people, it's effectiveness as a training tool varies with the people using it.  Far too many times when I have a scheduled convo on a specific topic or lesson it rarely sticks to that topic, which infuriates me to no end.  If however if we've completed that discussion and decide to continue onto other subjects it's fine.  But I'd really like to see better etiquette on the part of people using the IM - if it's for a lesson or discussion get to the point and don't wander.  I'm willing to share all my knowledge and I'm more than willing to chat and get to know people but I have found that I have to run inviso because if I don't, even when I'm just popping on for a quick research for school I am invariably pounced on by a half dozen people who just want to play.


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