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Katie (StormyKat) replied the topic: Getting to know you - jobs and careers

Well this is perfectly timed. Thank you Jax, (thank you universe with another 2x4).

I work as a "Client Service Coordinator" at a large-ish cat only veterinarian office. Not where I pictured myself while I was getting my masters in PR/Marketing, but a paycheck is a paycheck. On good days I enjoy my job. I get to pet cats, wear comfy clothes and I have some amazing co-workers. More importantly, I get to help clients provide the best care for their furry friends. Having dealt with several chronically sick cats, I understand the stress that comes with chronic vet bills, medications and serial vet visits. There is a certain amount of flexibility, but not nearly as much as I would like. On a bad day I don't get paid enough for this sh*t, and can hardly contain myself from dancing out the doors....or I would dance if there was any energy left. Going from a privately owned to a corporate business is rough.

I have been writing a blog on cats for several years now, and I would like to eventually make that profitable. In some small way at least. Writing and animals are my twin passions, but I don't know how to combine them. It feels like every career I am interested in has restricted job openings. Working in a library sounds amazing. Teaching is poking at the side of my thought field, but I don't think it is right for me. Ideal right now would be If I can find something else in the veterinary field, working at a professional organization or something like that. Or something where I can use my knowledge of social media for professional use.

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