The Names of the Force

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Baru created the topic: The Names of the Force

Please post the different names of the Force. I would love to know a name for what the Force represents in all languages, cultures and time periods.

Every religion, philosophy, belief and culture has a name for something that the Force represent. I like the Force because it is void of tradition. It is free from history, culture and orthodoxy. It is my own. It is our own. I get to define it based on my awareness of it. All definitions of the Force are accurate to the person defining it.

Here is a list of names of the Force from other systems that I have found.
(I will repost this as a thread so people can add to it. I would like to know a name for the Force in as many languages, cultures and time periods as possible)

One or more of these three conceptions of the Absolute can be found in various other religions or philosophies. The following is a list of concepts of divine or absolute reality:[citation needed]

The Christian - God, Holy Spirit
The Islamic — Allah الله
The Heraclitian - Logos
The Pythagorean - Apeiron
The Hesiodic - Chaos
The Parmenidean or Neoplatonic - One
The Platonic - Form of the Good
The Chinese - Tian, Tao and other names
The Jewish - Tetragrammaton
The Vedic - Rta
The Indian - Brahman or Parabrahman
The Buddhist - Dharma
The Japanese[nb 1] - Amenominakanushi
The Korean - Haneullim
The Mesoamerican - Teotl or Hunab Ku
The North American - Great Spirit
The Sumerians - Anu or Dingir
The Egyptian[nb 2] - Amun
The Slavic - Rod
The early Indo-European - *Dyeus Phiter
The Roman - Deus Ignotus ("Unknowable God")
The Sufi - Al-Haqq
Spinozistic Nature
The Kantian - noumena (as opposed to phenomena)
The Schopenhauerian - Will
Aldous Huxley's "Ground of Being"
F.H. Bradley's "Absolute"


Single pont there
Unified field theory

We are the Force.
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Jax replied the topic: The Names of the Force

I wouldn't say these are all equivalent to the Force. However, they are attempts to name and describe the larger structure of the universe, whether as an intelligent being or something else. Good list!

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