The Phoenix Rises over Earth

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The Phoenix Rises over Earth

All of the other aurora watchers had gone home. By 3:30 am in Iceland, on a quiet night last September, much of that night's auroras had died down. Suddenly though, a new burst of particles streamed down from space, lighting up the Earth's atmosphere once again. This time, unexpectedly, pareidoliacally, they created an amazing shape reminiscent of a giant phoenix. With camera equipment at the ready, two quick sky images were taken, followed immediately by a third of the land. The mountain in the background is Helgafell, while the small foreground river is called Kaldá, both located about 30 kilometers north of Iceland's capital Reykjavik.

Seasoned skywatchers will note that just above the mountain, toward the left, is the constellation of ++Orion, while the Pleiades star cluster++ is also visible just above the frame center.

The new aurora lasted only a minute and would be gone forever -- possibly dismissed as an embellished aberration -- were it not captured in the featured, digitally-composed, image mosaic.

Image Credit & Copyright: Hallgrimur P. Helgason; Rollover Annotation: Judy Schmidt

the website image shows constellations if you hold mouse over image

the Phoenix is the house of Enoch in ancient text,Pleiades at cntr, i like it ;-)

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That's super neat! A skywatching trip to Iceland is definitely on my bucket list. I've seen different types of auroras just a few times in my life. :-)

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