What is feminism, really?

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Kai-An Tatok replied the topic: What is feminism, really?

But this way of approaching the jedi path, (aka using modern activist approaches) is something I prefer, and it is by *no* means the only way to Jedi, nor would I ever suggest as much. Of course you can use whatever word you like; you're a free human capable of making your own choices, and I completely respect your right to choose.

No one is saying that you are wrong, or that you have to fall in line with our perspective. No one has called you stupid, bigoted, or a trump supporter either; I've met you just the once and even I know you better than that. :) You can and should believe whatever makes sense to you. We were just trying to share our perspective with the idea of creating understanding between the two viewpoints. I agree it would be wonderful if people could get past their hangups and pain and treat each other like equals. I also just think its important to validate that pain and look for what's causing it, and solve that too.

"Close your eyes. Feel it. The light, it's always been there. It will guide you." -Maz Kanata
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Kol Drake replied the topic: What is feminism, really?

National Public Radio had a segment on today which had a panel of females speaking about 'feminism' and 'being a feminist' in today's environment. It was interesting when a caller asked -- why not 'just' call it equalism rather than feminism -- so the term could be more easily accepted. The speaker said -- to change the word does not change the issue however, trying to make it so normalized for acceptance takes away from the main issue... which is, the inequalities of 'being female' -- ie. lower pay for doing the same work, forced to adhere to laws enacted by geriatric white males concerning female health issues, etc.

It made sense.
Yes, changing something like 'gay rights' to 'marriage equality' tended to smooth some feathers but it also can be seen as just sticking a happy face on the underlying issue... which is still there. Some folks hate anything outside their narrow view of the world... and prefer it adhere to that narrow view. Sticking a 'happy label' on it does not make the injustice go away.

I really really hope we are not swinging back to the 1950s -- where anyone other than 'white bread' colored is considered 'not like us' and even 'not really human'; where women are treated similar to those in many areas of the rest of the globe -- treated as chattel, lower class, 'expendable' -- and not allowed to be educated, etc.

We are Humans on a rapidly shrinking World; we need to start treating EVERYONE with the dignity we wish for ourselves.
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Baru replied the topic: What is feminism, really?

Since effectiveness and cohesion is important to me, when exploring these type of conversations I would be happy to use the term feminism so that I can be heard, eliminate resistance, and to allow for connection.

I do feel that connection is the cure. I am happy to learn from others so that I can enhance my ability to connect.

Thanks for this sharing.

We are the Force.
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Jax replied the topic: What is feminism, really?

Thank you for being honest and asking tough questions.

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Isen SoRac III replied the topic: What is feminism, really?

I understood baru completly when he felt you were saying he was wrong, I felt that too. when you say: "When I hear all lives matter I know someone doesn't get it. When I hear equalism I feel you don't understand it either." Might it be here you felt that baru?
When someone understand something else you want to express, show, or say it's not only the reader who is at fault. communication is about a sender and a reciever.
If either misunderstands, the point of communication is at risk.
In this topic and many other, I feel everyone is just dehumanizing institutions, institutions are not a all powerfull god that is always right, they are human creations. run by humans, linked to human virtues and flaws.
It's not the sistem that is against a certain group, it's people. People withouth enough exposure to a certain point of view. or to that group. your views are valid on your country or in western society, which im not sure what represents any more.
this kind of topics are so huge, is just too hard to see the design. everytime We think We get something, more variables jump.

I feel movements try to put everything in the same package. there are Jedi women there are sith women, would you put them all in Women? do you think all of them have the same needs? I tought being a Jedi was about being aware about yourself, your weaknesses and conquering your fears. monsters lurk everywhere.
Are you going to scream at the monster and say, You won't feast on my flesh? if the enviroment is right for monsters, monsters will come.
Why there are women who get important positions and high wages. what made them say f*** this injustices I'm getting what I deserve, And I have close examples of those kind of women. what separates them from the rest?.
And im not saying, No you were beaten stay down if you are not strong enough. Those individuals need help, some are broken and their voices and feelings silenced. Sometimes even by those who say they want to protect them.
it's easy to feel you are right when you are appealing to emotions. and leave aside a lot of what makes us humans and makes our world spin.

I apologize for grammar mistakes.

Edit 1: I fixed a couple of mistakes, and added a bit to give order to the text.
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