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Johnny Andrade created the topic: Jahn Symaro: I was wondering?...

How do I know if somebody likes me and is probably interested in me and what do I do cuz now I seriously think that the cashier at the convenience store by my house might like me and find interest in me, and I think I definitely want to do something about it lol

I seriously think it'd be an opportunity that I'd be too stupid to pass up so if anybody could teach me some Jedi swagger orJedi Mojo that would be greatly appreciated

I'm so glad I shaved my head this morning. When she saw it just now, she gave me all kinds of compliments and kept telling me how good I look now lol

Seriously, I'm a really shy person and I don't really make eye contact with people, but oh my damn lol!
I really liked the eye contact I was making her, that she was making with me. Plus she got me smiling and giggling and stuff lol

So what do I do? Can anyone teach me some Jedi swagger or Jedi mojo?

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Johannes (Yoshio) replied the topic: Jahn Symaro: I was wondering?...

First of all, I pushed your topic over to the General Discussion Area as I do feel it is better suited there.

As for your request, I'm a bit afraid but the only help I could give is that You need to get out of your comfort zone and do the, what is called, first step.
What this first step could be depend on You and what You feel is suitable for the both of you. As You are a shy guy I'm pretty certain that You can easily understand that whatever step You do, it should be in a way which gives her the room to keep her privacy and the option to "shy a way".
A "strategy" could be, through talking with her, to learn what she likes and dislikes and then ask her out for an "activity" she would likely enjoy. In this way You not only have the chance to do something she likely will enjoy but You also already show that You can listen and that You have a real interest in her. The classics for asking someone out could be going for a tea or coffee or even a "dinner" but also could be going for a stroll or meeting her after her shift for something fun like bowling or billiard or whatever she is interested. In a very general way, the first "meeting" should be one which does give the both of you the opportunity to talk and get to know each other better.

Hope this can be of help for You. I wish You all the best!

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